Your Country As A Service

Your Country As A Service. By the Z-Man.

The recent Fox News settlement is another example of how thoroughly corrupt the courts are now.

Fox was accused of doing fake news, a thing so common that the words no longer have meaning. The judge was determined to make sure they were punished, so Fox had no choice but to write a big check. Meanwhile, the New York Times manufactures fake news and deliberately defames people but enjoys blanket immunity from the court system. …

The new way is becoming obvious:

Looking back, this change in the spirit of the law, at least with respect to the ruling class, should have been obvious. The concept of the terms of service has proliferated with the spread of technology, despite running counter to Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence. …

Everything you do is becoming subject to a terms of service agreement imposed on you by the powerful. It is why appeals to the letter of the law mean nothing now.

The people who view the letter of the law through the lens of the terms of service, naturally look at the Constitution the same way. As the issuing party, they get to interpret the words on the paper however they wish. Every judge is now operating like a content moderator at a social media platform. You are free to choose another country provider, but as long as you are in this one, they control your content.

The only difference is that YouTube sends you an e-mail whenever they willy-nilly change their terms of service. In a Country As A Service, you learn about the new rules as they are booking you for violating the new rules.

It’s their democracy.

Back to the old ways of doing and achieving little because the powerful will just rip it off you. We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us. Is this our new dark age creeping up on us? It seems like it.