Bureaucrats win, activists win, Aboriginals lose

Bureaucrats win, activists win, Aboriginals lose. By Nyunggai Warren Mundine.

This year Australians will vote at a referendum for a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous voice. But the Albanese government refuses to discuss the details, pointing us to the 2021 Indigenous Voice Co-design Process report by Tom Calma and Marcia Langton.

At 270 pages long the report makes for impenetrable reading. All for a supposedly advisory body with two dozen members. No other Australian government body or agency takes this long to explain.

That’s because the voice is not an advisory body. It is a vast, expensive new bureaucracy that will interface at every level of government. …

Communities and governments will work together to negotiate the breakdown of the regions, “based on agreed parameters and guidance”. Is this bureaucratese for being dictated to?

Trojan horse for lefty activists:

A key purpose of this legislation is to set out “the recognition process and assessment criteria”.

This is legislation we currently know nothing about. …

Aboriginals lose:

The voice won’t just be some grand, meaningless gesture. It will be enormously costly and complex, and there’ll be chaos and confusion in its development. And to what end? Aboriginal people need less bureaucracy in their lives, not more.