More Voice Zingers

More Voice Zingers. By Flat White.

The Liberal Party’s Shadow Indigenous Australians spokesman and Attorney-General Julian Leeser has defied Dutton’s leadership decision to support the ‘No’ campaign and instead quit the frontbench to join the ‘Yes’ case.

Good riddance. He has been holding Dutton back from principled conservative decisions for far too long. Besides, when you’re being praised by Albanese — Australia’s least talented globe-trekking carbon-excess albatross — you know you’ve picked the wrong political hill to fight on. …

Liberal Leader Peter Dutton’s decision to say ‘No’ to a permanent racial divide enshrined in the Constitution was met with relief by blue-ribbon voters, most of whom want nothing to do with the sort of toxic race politics presently eating away at New Zealand.

The ‘No’ campaign, championed by well-respected Indigenous voices such as Northern Territory Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Nyunggai Warren Mundine, appears to be the dominant public sentiment outside the activist hub of Canberra.

The potential for the Voice to divide Australia is enormous. No one wants to be a second class citizen in their own country or listen to passive-aggressive language that suggests they are squatters, guests, and thieves, as the Pay the Rent movement shout on the street.

Albanese remains unable to offer anything other than a racial argument rooted in historic revenge politics, rather than a detailed plan for the future improvement of people’s lives. …

Soon to become a second class citizen, if she gets her way. Awesome virtue signalling!

Dutton is still campaigning to include a Constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians, but — crucially — not a race-selected political body. …

Has anyone asked Leeser why race-based bodies are not working right now? There are thousands of similar bodies already in existence operating at huge expense and the problem, if anything, has gotten worse since the arrival of victimhood activism. There is no detail to back up the emotion. No evidence, of any kind, that sacrificing the sanctity of equality for all citizens is purchasing anything other than political power for activist elites.

When you start asking questions such as, ‘What sort of racial test will be required to join the Indigenous Voice?’ you know full well that civilisation is on the wrong track, because no person should ever be using their race as a qualifier inside democracy.

Dutton knows that Australia cannot maintain its status as the most multicutlural nation on Earth if the government ranks the quality of voices via genetic ancestry. With over $44 billion a year spent on Indigenous activism that never seems to ‘close the gap’ or help those in rural communities who need it most, there is no appetite in the wider community for another expensive racial body.

The “no” case has principle, practicalities, experience, equality of opportunity, selfishness of the majority, and being on the correct side of history and racism on its side. But the “yes” case has moral vanity politics, ostracism, leftist activists, and the media on its. Interesting contest.

In the six months before the referendum, as people come to focus on it, the former factors will weigh more heavily with most. This referendum will go down in flames. Albanese will be badly burned, and there will be an almighty tantrum from losers who are used to getting their own way.