Bud Light sales have fallen off a steep cliff in only one week following Dylan-Mulvaney-gate

Bud Light sales have fallen off a steep cliff in only one week following Dylan-Mulvaney-gate. By Joel Abbott.

This is the latest ad from the biggest beer company in the US:

We’ll get into why Anheuser-Busch did this in the next post — it’s to do with ESG obedience to the financial gods — but first let’s see what the reaction of its customers was.

These stats are BRUTAL.

Bud Light, the biggest beer brand in America, is getting drawn and quartered by its customer base after paying pretend “girl” Dylan Mulvaney to sell their goods.

Consider these reports from bars across America:

  • Case & Bucks near Anheuser-Busch’s HQ in St. Louis has seen a 30% drop in Bud Light bottle sales and a 50% drop in Bud Light on tap.
  • Braintree Brewhouse in Massachusetts, a huge sports bar near liberal Boston, normally sells 25 Bud Light bottles to each bottle of rivals Miller Lite and Coors Light, but this week there has been an 80% drop in Bud Light drinkers. Owner Alex Kesaris went an extra step and found out that the 20% who did order Bud Light hadn’t heard the news, but said “they didn’t order it again” after other customers told them about Dylan Mulvaney.
  • A bar in Texas with a dart league sponsored by Bud Light normally sells three kegs of Bud Light during the weekly event, or 495 12-ounce bottles. The bar only sold FOUR 12-ounce bottles this week, a decline of 99%.
  • A pub in the LGBT-friendly neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in uber-liberal New York City reported a 58% drop in Bud Light draft sales and a 70% drop in bottle sales.

This is being repeated across every store, restaurant, and bar in America.

Matt Walsh:

The Dylan Mulvaney endorsement cost Anheuser Busch four billion dollars so far. That’s because we spoke out loudly and made them pay the price.

Some conservatives say we should have ignored this issue. Would it have been better if Bud Light paid no price at all? Is that what they’d prefer? We have made Mulvaney toxic for brands like Bud Light. This is a good thing. It’s what we need to be doing. I’m sorry if it bores you but these are the necessary steps for actually moving the ball forward.

I guarantee other companies that cater to a similar customer base will think twice before endorsing trans ideology after this. This is a win.

Possibly related, for all you beer drinkers out there, is more of Dylan Mulvaney:

The rest of the world respects you, USA. Really.