US: Red Schools versus Blue Schools

US: Red Schools versus Blue Schools. By Takimag.

A Washington Post piece last week .. points out that colleges in Florida admit students based on ACT and SAT scores. Subjects taught include math, science, and medicine. Subjects not taught include “critical race theory” and “radical gender theory.”

Conversely, the Post explains, if you go to college in California, test scores are forbidden in the admissions process, and you’ll be taught only “critical race theory” and “radical gender theory,” STEM having been banned because Tasmanian aboriginals fail to excel in it, which means it’s racist.

Also, California mandates “free” (as in, taxpayer-funded) abortions at all campuses, while Florida doesn’t.

As a result, students are flocking to different states based on their desired learning experience.

Would-be doctors, scientists, and engineers are heading to Florida, while California’s attracting low-IQ whites who think the height of academic achievement is to have an abortion while high on pot as a genderfluid black-Matlatzinca dwarf with AIDS yells at you for being racist.

Soon enough, corporations that care about quality will only want to know the state where applicants attended college.

Future job interview:

“I see you went to UCLA and you’re not Asian. I’m sorry, there’s no place for you here. Also, are you on fire?”

“I tried to light a fart in the waiting room.”

“Well, that explains why you’re not wearing pants.”

“Pants are racist.”

“Here’s your diploma back.”

“It’s a graham cracker; California outlawed paper — it causes global warming.”

“Well, good luck. Do you need validation?”

“I’m white; I don’t deserve it.”

“Please leave now.”

“I’ve forgotten how to walk.”

Every trend can be taken too far. Reality will make the blue schools alter course.