The more you trust the media, the less accurate you are

The more you trust the media, the less accurate you are. By David Strom.

2020 Survey: “How many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019?”

The Washington Post’s police shooting database says 12.

54% of “Very Liberals” (least accurate) estimated 1,000+.

13% of “Conservatives” (most accurate) estimated 1,000+. …

The most accurate group was conservatives, with very conservative being the best, and very liberal being the worst. It’s not even close. Liberals have no idea what the truth is, and they believe the very worst to be the case. …

Their findings were equally interesting because they give a very strong clue regarding what is driving that disparity. And it’s exactly what you think:

The greater the education you have and the higher the trust in the news media the less likely you are to have a grasp of reality.

Education + Trust in MSM = ignorance.

Again, it’s not even close. Education and trust in the MSM are directly correlated with not having a damn clue about the real world. You are better off living in a shack with no internet or TV than having a graduate degree and being a cable news junkie.

“If you had to guess, in 2019 what percentage (%) of people killed by police were black?”

Trust in news media *inversely* correlated with accuracy. On avg, those with high trust in news media said 56.6%. The actual answer is around 25%. …

The higher the education level the higher the trust in the MSM, which is probably similar to having a lot of trust in “experts” of all kinds. …

We are bombarded by messages that claim that the MSM dispels misinformation, while it is the #1 means by which it is transmitted.

Higher education and trust in the media/expert complex lead you far from reality and into Narrativeland, where up is down and down is up.

The more you watch the news and read the paper the more distorted your view of reality. The more professors you have spoken to the less likely you are to have a grasp on basic facts.

Fox Mulder was right. Trust no one.

Which is why we have The Wentworth Report 🙂