Voice as Scam

Voice as Scam. By The Spectator Australia.

From the moment Prime Minister Albanese went grandstanding to the Garma crowds, it has been glaringly apparent that the sinister ‘fix’ was the linking of a hugely expensive and bloated bureaucracy to the nation’s founding document. …

Our grinning leader, overcome by virtue, negotiating away Australian sovereignty

Labor hardheads were clearly of the opinion that the Voice provided a golden opportunity to enmesh a powerful, left-leaning entity into everyday political life. And this Trojan horse would be welcomed through the gates thanks to the self-evident goodwill of most Australians to their indigenous brothers and sisters.

The Liberal party room is to be congratulated for staring down this scam. It clearly was not an easy decision, although the Nationals managed to arrive at it (presumably with the help of Senator Price) months ago without the same degree of hesitation and hand-wringing. …

Implicit recognition of an unspeakable reality?

As Senator Price pointed out only last week, by enshrining an Aboriginal bureaucracy in the constitution for all time, does this assume that indigenous Australians are going to be disadvantaged for all time?