The defacto Australian war

The defacto Australian war. By David Barton.

Most Australians probably haven’t noticed, but we’ve been at war with ‘Aboriginal interests’ for a long time now …:

♦ We have lost and given up vast tracts of land under spurious ‘Native Title’ legislation, now “formally recognised to be about 50% of Australia’s land mass”.

♦ We have lost and given up to the now obligatory ‘Welcome to Country’, which in reality is a statement about who really owns Australia.

♦ We are now surrendering our language so that many English place names are being replaced with Aboriginal names.

♦ We have lost and given up to mountains, beaches and waterways being closed and ‘non-indigenous’ access denied or new access fees charged.

♦ We have lost and given up freehold title to National Parks now handed over to localised Aboriginal Corporations.

♦ We have lost and given up to having our children’s education about early Australian history now revised, distorted and perverted into self-loathing.

♦ We have lost and given up to our universities being run by socialist academics hell-bent on revising our history, society and culture.

We have lost so much, especially in the last five years; we have voluntarily given up so much at the hands of black and white racial oppressors. And they are oppressors, because no-one has ever asked us if we wanted any of this stifling treatment. All of what we have lost, of what has been forced upon us, has all been done to us without any consultation and without our permission or consent. Who gave them the right to do that?

And all the while our politicians, governments and bureaucrats just keep on giving away our country to an ever-increasing band of people who at the moment compose a mere 3.2% of the population, many who choose to identify as ‘Aborigines’, rather than just as ‘Australians’, perhaps identifying for no other reason than because of the public financial largesse, employment opportunities, medical benefits and the prestige now attached to being an ‘Aborigine’.

This race-based unfairness cannot end well. It’s not just a ‘culture’ war. No, it’s so much more than that — this is a fight against the reshaping of our whole society. How much more ‘white guilt’ do we need to feel before those of distant Aboriginal descent feel assuaged and gratified by our obsequiousness? How much more do we need to concede before so-called ‘reconciliation’ is achieved? …

Voice, treaty, rent, reparations, money, and more money:

So many ‘Voice’ supporters seem to be sticking their heads in the sand about what is already plainly acknowledged to follow after the ‘Voice’; the Treaty (aka: sovereignty) the Makarrata (aka: so-called ‘truth-telling’, where white Europeans are instructed to hate themselves) and finally the ‘reparations’ (aka: compensation). Australia as we know it cannot survive this onslaught. Why would and how could any sound thinking Australian believe that any of these things could be or would be good for Australians, let alone for Aborigines?…

In the end, this de-facto war, as in any war, is about ownership. Who is going to own the country of Australia? Will it be all Australians through their democratically elected parliaments, or will it soon be owned by people who identify as ‘Aborigines’. Ultimately, it will be the Voice referendum that determines the answer those questions.

“Reconciliation” will always cost more. Keep on paying, suckers.

The cooperative and melding approach of the last two centuries clearly wasn’t enough to prevent endless exploitation by the unscrupulous. Do we need to start a formal war and continue fighting until sovereignty is ceded in an unconditional surrender?

Are we allowed to say that she appears more white than aboriginal? It’s a sure sign of racism when ancestry is linked to political and economic rights.