School Official’s Job Offer Rescinded Because He Called Two Women ‘Ladies’

School Official’s Job Offer Rescinded Because He Called Two Women ‘Ladies’. By Robert Spencer.

The process of his hiring was so far along that he had already entered into salary negotiations with the district, “after he was offered the position the morning of March 24.” The Easthampton [Public School District in Western Massachusetts] “offered [a man named Vito Perrone] a three-year contract with an annual salary of $151,000 — approximately $14,000 less than what he has making [sic] as an interim superintendent of West Springfield Public Schools.” Yet “despite the lower salary, he said he was keen on accepting the role.”

He seemed like a good catch for Easthampton. But then he sent the fateful email. …

As the contract negotiations went on, Perrone sent an email to School Committee Chairperson Cynthia Kwiecinski and the committee’s executive assistant, Suzanne Colby. In it, he addressed Kwiecinski and Colby as “ladies,” and all hell broke loose.

Kwiecinski, according to Perrone, charged that his use of the word “ladies” constituted a “microaggression,” and he should have known better. His clumsy word choice demonstrated his dangerous ignorance: “the fact that he didn’t know that as an educator was a problem.”

Understandably, Perrone was dumbfounded at this woke lunacy: “I was shocked. I grew up in a time when ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ was a sign of respect. I didn’t intend to insult anyone.”

But that’s how authoritarian societies work: you never quite know the rules, which are constantly changing anyway. That way the citizen is always living in fear and always on his toes, extra careful not to offend the elites, who could strike against him without warning at any time. A fearful populace is a compliant populace. …

While his disappointment is understandable, it’s really Perrone, and not the Easthampton Public School District, who has dodged the bullet here. Imagine having to work on a day-to-day basis with these woke harridans.

Modern life! Get with the program, comrades (or whatever they say nowadays).