It’s all about the optics

It’s all about the optics. By Darren Beattie.

The regime will likely push to get the trial on Court TV, just in time for the 2024 election cycle.

They’ll place Trump under a “gag order” so he can’t talk about it in public while he’s out campaigning.

They may even call him a “flight risk” and ban him from leaving the state of New York so he ‘s unable to campaign at all. …

There are very dangerous and dark reasons why the Biden regime wants to criminalize MAGA. … Partisan prosecutors are doing everything in their power to destroy all the enemies of the Biden regime and put an end to Donald Trump’s massive political movement.

Clearly, this is a political setup. They carefully shopped for a judge and will do the same with a jury. In the end, their handpicked jury will likely find Trump guilty and the regime will get their headlines, while the propaganda media (including Fox News) dutifully yammers on about the “guilty verdict” 24/7.

Eventually, Trump will appeal and will probably win because this politically-driven hit job case is held together by a few scraggly pieces of Scotch Tape.

But it won’t matter at that point. The regime will have gotten what it wanted — a guilty verdict and headlines and campaign taking points for months on end.

Justice is just collateral damage.

What the cartoonists are saying: