Alan Dershowitz: Trump will be convicted—but verdict will be overturned on appeal

Alan Dershowitz: Trump will be convicted—but verdict will be overturned on appeal. By C.G. Jones.

Dershowitz went on to suggest that Trump’s case will likely not be dismissed, saying that “I don’t think that if you had the best lawyers in the history of the world, Abraham Lincoln and John Marshall, a New York City judge would dismiss this case because that New York City judge’s life would be over.”

The lawyer said that the judge would be mocked if he or she were to dismiss Trump.

Dershowitz continued by saying that he does think Trump will be convicted by “your jury who voted for Bragg.”

However, he added that the case would “be reversed on appeal,” and it “will never be affirmed all the way up to the Supreme Court.”

The Democrats know they will lose the court case eventually, but that’s not the point. It’s all about election optics.

The Democrats are playing this well, from a short term, tactical point of view:

  • The Trump trial will force nearly all Republicans to rally around Trump, so Trump will win the Republican nomination.
  • The Democrats regard him as the easiest Republican to beat.
  • The court case(s) will be going on during the lead-up to the election.

So it increases their chances of winning in 2024. But at what cost!??

  • They have trashed the notion of fair elections, with all their cheating in 2020.
  • They have trashed the notion of free speech, with all their cancellation and media control.
  • They have trashed the US justice system, which is now nakedly unfair and not applied equally to all.

The history books will say that the Democrats had to destroy America in order to rule it.

However, on the off-chance that Trump wins in 2024, he will be — as he promised — our “retribution.” His war against the administrative state/left will be righteous.

Of course, presuming they win in 2024, the Democrats are practically begging for the Republicans to turn the same tactics on them eventually.