Trannyism is so like the child molestation craze of the 1980s

Trannyism is so like the child molestation craze of the 1980s. By David Cole.

The core belief of trannyists is that children are born genderless. Doctors make a guess — they “assign” a gender — and until kids “discover” their true gender (i.e., until an adult leads them to it), they’ll be condemned to a life of misery and suicide.

This game runs on the Scientology engine. Hubbard’s the template: We’re all born with “thetans” inside us, and that’s why we’re unhappy. But Scientologists can pry the thetans out (for a fee). And then we’ll be blissful!

The child molestation panic of the 1980s:

Now, there was another mania that used the Scientology template, and by studying that mania, we can answer the question about women and trannyism: the 1980s child molestation panic (and the adjacent Satanic ritual abuse panic).

For most Americans today, that period is either a distant memory or something that happened before their birth. At best, people know the vague details. There was a mass psychosis in the ’80s and early ’90s that led to teachers and day-care workers being falsely charged with outlandish molestation crimes including sacrificing children to Satan and raping babies on altars.

The molestation/abuse panic was rooted in a “truth” that mirrors trannyism almost exactly. Your unhappiness is caused by the fact that you were molested as a child.

This is cart/horse stuff. It’s not “I was molested therefore I’m unhappy,” it’s “I feel unhappy therefore I was molested.”

Children who acted up or out, who seemed distressed, sad, distracted, or who did poorly in school, must therefore be molestation victims. And it was up to child psychologists, therapists, and behavioral experts to extract the memories of that abuse.

As in trannyism, the mania was built around the “discovery” of (and blind belief in) a false principle.

  • The trannyism craze: “An unhappy kid indicates a kid who was assigned the wrong gender at birth and I must suss out their true gender in order to save them.”
  • The molestation craze: “An unhappy kid indicates a kid who was molested and I must suss out the molestation in order to save them.” …

Never stand between children and middle-class white professional women who want to help:

Okay, so where do women come in? Well, the child psychologist/child behaviorist field has always been female-heavy (even now it’s 70.5 percent female), so there’s that. But also, women (generally speaking) tend to think of themselves as “empaths,” and sussing out what’s in the heart of a child (be it their “true gender” or their “hidden molestation”) is a job women naturally take to.

Plus, middle-class white women have always been suckers for the notion that there’s a “key” to achieving a state of uniform, constant happiness; you just have to find it. As feminist author Elayne Rapping observed in Social Policy in 1997, if not for women, the “recovery movement” never would’ve become a billion-dollar industry filled with gullible seekers of “perfect wellness.”

If you hit that white middle-class female demo with gimmicky crap like “The Secret” (the pseudoscience Oprah was pushing in the 2000s until it killed a few women), it’s like candy to them. “The secret” to curing children of unwellness is to uncover their molestation experience. “The secret” to curing children of unwellness is to uncover their true gender.

Why the child molestation craze flamed out:

But there was a problem, and this is why the molestation panic flamed out within a decade while the tranny craze won’t: The molestation panic pitted two female-dominated professions against each other. Child psychologists/behaviorists vs. elementary school teachers and day-care workers (80 percent female professions). Of the innocent people arrested in 1980s/90s molestation panics, most were teachers/day-care workers, and many were women.

Drove the teachers’ union crazy! If you read articles from that era, the teachers — collapsing under an onslaught of accusations and witch trials — sound like parents today complaining about tranny propaganda. “The kids are being brainwashed! Just because they say something’s ‘their truth’ doesn’t mean it’s true! The kids are falling for a fad; their friends say they’ve been molested, so they do too! The media’s feeding the frenzy! The kids are confused; it’s the job of adults to correct them, not indulge them!”

The tranny craze will go on much longer because this time, the teachers and the child psychologists/behaviorists are on the same side, united against parents. Teachers and shrinks (predominantly women) sussing out the “secret gender” of kids (to save them! To free them!) as parents and families pay the price, everyone having conveniently forgotten that just 35 years ago the shrinks were the ones doing the sussing and the teachers were the ones paying the price. …

Same people!

You know the biggest powerhouse behind the 1980s satanic panic?

The Tavistock Institute. Valerie Sinason, psychoanalyst/psychotherapist at Tavistock, was perhaps the most influential promulgator of satanic ritual abuse hysteria.

Yes, that’s the same Tavistock Institute behind the tranny craze; the same Tavistock that had its gender clinic forcibly closed by the NHS last year for butchering and chemically castrating children in the name of trannyism.

Tavistock launched that gender clinic in 1989. They laid the groundwork for the tranny craze just as they’d earlier laid the groundwork for the satanic panic. …

What to do?

And here we come full circle, a direct line leading from one craze to another via the same institute and the same Ph.D.’d madmen and madwomen moving from one mania to another, bringing misery to the world in the name of saving children.

If you just wanna scream “groomer,” you’ll miss the big picture. You’ll find yourself unable to explain the role of eggheads, quacks, and women in the tranny crusade, and as a result, you’ll find yourself at a loss regarding how to oppose it.

It’s simply the leftist-birthed satanic molestation panic redux, way more dangerous this time because old rivals are now allies. …

I have no magic bullet to take down the beast.