It’s Trump vs Biden Again in 2024

It’s Trump vs Biden Again in 2024. By Elizabeth Stauffer.

It may be improbable, but now that Trump’s nomination appears (at this point in time) to be almost inevitable, a Trump-DeSantis ticket would give Republicans their best shot to take back the White House. Imagine Biden and our hapless Vice President Kamala Harris up against Trump and DeSantis.

Trump’s incessant and childish attacks on DeSantis are turning off even some of his supporters. He is not helping himself by calling the popular Florida governor “Ron DeSanctimonious,” “Meatball Ron,” or “Tiny D.” He’s making himself look immature and decidedly unpresidential. The insults are only reminding people of the reasons why so many independents and even some Republicans turned against him in 2020.

But if the two could join forces, they would make a formidable combination.

And win or lose, it would give DeSantis the edge in the 2028 race for the Republican presidential nomination.

While it’s said that every election is the most consequential in history, 2024 will determine America’s very form of government going forward. Will the U.S. remain a democratic republic or become a socialist nation? …

It was foolish to underestimate Trump in 2016 and it would be foolish to underestimate him now.