Fair game in the new America

Fair game in the new America. By Paul Sperry.

Democrats are jumping for joy at the prospect of Donald Trump finally getting hooked, like Al Capone, on some kind of — any kind of — criminal charge.

But their own political idols — namely, the Clintons or Bidens — could one day be gored by a hyperpartisan district attorney in search of a crime, no matter how picayune. …


Let’s take the Clinton Foundation, described by whistleblowers as the largest unprosecuted fraud ever. Bill and Hillary Clinton registered it as a tax-exempt charity, but have used it as their own personal “piggy bank.”

The foundation keeps offices in Little Rock, Ark., where new Pulaski County DA Will Jones is a Republican who last year beat a Soros-backed Democrat for the job. He might be able to get creative with a tax-fraud case against the Clintons, who have potentially stiffed local coffers of millions in corporate income and other taxes.

Over the objections of local anti-tax advocates, the Clintons allegedly pressured Little Rock officials to float close to $20 million in bonds to buy land and construct the building housing the supposedly nonprofit foundation along with the Clinton Presidential Library.

What’s more, whistleblowers have accused Clinton Foundation officials — including the former president — of using tax-exempt donations for personal use, including private travel, which they have denied. Co-mingling such funds is illegal.

Or the Bidens:

Other red states that could manufacture indictments against Democrats include Florida and Tennessee, where President Biden’s brother Jimmy Biden has gotten into hot water for allegedly defrauding health-care companies (which he has denied).

The new America:

To be sure, nobody is insisting on ginning up charges against prominent Democrats as Bragg has done against former president Trump, the GOP frontrunner for reelection to the White House.

The point is that what Bragg is doing could now happen anywhere.

“You can be sure there are prosecutors across Florida and Texas right now who are looking for a state-law hook into the Biden family,” warned Tom Fitton, president of watchdog group Judicial Watch.

And the moment such an indictment is unsealed, Democrats and their media propagandists will lose their minds. …

The remorseless logic of the anti-Trump movement comes home to roost:

In the past, local authorities thought twice about bringing novel indictments against national politicians. Bragg and his Democrat co-conspirators removed that taboo. It’s now open season.

Bragg has been gunning for Trump from the get-go. In 2021, he even campaigned on targeting Trump. Before recently locking her account, wife Jamila Ponton Bragg even bragged on Twitter her husband was going to nail Trump on some unspecified felonies. Why? Because she felt Trump was “racist.”