I’ve Never Voted Before But The Left Has Made Me Hardcore MAGA

I’ve Never Voted Before But The Left Has Made Me Hardcore MAGA. By Jason Whitlock, on yesterday’s Tucker Carlson episode.

I’ve never voted. So I am not saying it with pride. I am hardcore MAGA tonight. I will be voting, I am hardcore MAGA. I’ve never voted. I’ve observed Trump, I’m somewhat supportive of Trump. But they have made me MAGA and they have made me ready for whatever is next because of what they are building for young people, I can’t sit by and let it happen without raising my voice and without being willing to sacrifice whatever so that kids don’t live in a communist Marxist society.

These people think the government is going to take care of them don’t understand history, they’ve never studied history. They don’t understand how tyrannical a government is.

If they have their way, we’re all catching hell except for the elites. Yes, I have a very good bank account and perhaps I am an elite but my heart is working class. My parents were factory workers. I came from nothing in this country. I’m black. They’re telling everybody black kids — oh, you can’t come from nothing and make it in this country. That’s bullshit.

This country is the greatest country in the history of the planet. It’s the safest and most prosperous place for black people and all people. That’s why people are beating down the doors to get here and they demonize the whole thing and they turn Trump into this devilish, Luciferian character when they are the devils. They’re the ones that don’t believe in God.