Twitter Cannot Be Saved. Let It Die.

Twitter Cannot Be Saved. Let It Die. By Sean Davis.

I had high hopes for Twitter under Elon Musk’s watch. After all, how could the tech giant get any worse after banning the New York Post, which was founded by Alexander Hamilton himself, for the crime of reporting on possible corruption of the family of a leading presidential candidate in the middle of a close election?

We now have an answer: by banning conservative Christians for reporting on the horrific mass shooting perpetrated by an apparent “trans” person who hated conservative Christians so much she stormed a Christian school in Nashville, opened fire, and murdered three 9-year-old children and three adult staff. …

When the dust cleared, … we reported the facts about what happened.

One of those facts was that the shooting came just days ahead of a planned “Trans Day of Vengeance,” an event planned by an outfit called the Trans Radical Activist Network.

“I am glad I was in the Stonewall Riot,” the group’s web page announcing the event states. “I remember when someone threw a Molotov cocktail, I thought, ‘My god, the revolution is here.’”

Pictures of radical trans activists sporting T-shirts that state “Trans rights… or else” and feature outlines of guns proliferated on social media throughout the week, making clear exactly what these activists desired to happen.

Well, it happened on Monday at a quiet Christian school atop a hill in the middle of Nashville. And by Wednesday afternoon I was banned by Twitter from accessing my account for reporting on the shooting, for reporting on the Trans Day of Vengeance which may well have inspired the cold-blooded murderer, and for sharing a link to a news story from The Daily Wire, another conservative news outlet based in Nashville.

Twitter claimed my reporting violated Twitter’s terms of service and that I had personally threatened, incited, glorified, or expressed a desire for violence. Such a claim isn’t just false; it’s defamatory. … Twitter has a right to ban me for whatever reason it wants, but it doesn’t have a right to viciously lie about me. …

It is no different than banning reporting of the Holocaust for fear it might incite someone to launch a new one, or banning police and accusing them of murder because they posted a wanted poster with the picture of a murderer on the loose. …

What do you think is the logical conclusion of telling delusional, mentally ill people being surgically mutilated and pumped full of hormones that Christians and conservatives want to commit “genocide” against them? That’s the question you’re not allowed to ask because they know how you’ll answer it because you watched with your own eyes what happened in Nashville on Monday. …

It’s now abundantly clear that despite spending a whopping $44 billion to acquire the company, Musk isn’t in charge of it. I don’t know who actually is, but nobody who believes in free speech would spend the days after a mass shooting banning Christians, conservatives, and prominent reporters and news publications for having the audacity to report on what happened and what might have caused it. After all, you can judge a tree by its fruit.

Fully sick, but in the cause of the narrative:

When a rage-filled and mentally ill “trans” person shoots up a school, the media blame Republicans, or the NRA, or gun makers, or anyone other than the shooter and her warped ideology. They turn the victims into villains, and they turn the murderer into a martyr….

The facts of Monday’s mass murder are fatal to the left-wing narrative, and the only thing the left wing and its myriad institutions in government, business, and media care about is the narrative. The narrative must be protected at all costs, even if it means lying about the facts and those of us who report them.

No amount of lofty rhetoric or grandiose plans from Musk about his love of free speech and facts can compete with the cold, hard reality that the service he owns doesn’t just oppose free speech; Twitter detests it. The totalitarian drones who spend their days scouring the Internet for anyone who dares say the emperor has no clothes, boys can’t become girls, and radical trans activists are murdering people who oppose their evil ideology prove that the Twitter of 2023 under Musk is the same anti-free speech cesspool it was in 2020, when it banned, under false pretenses, the longest-running paper in circulation in America from reporting on corruption allegations surrounding Joe Biden and his son.

One of the biggest Twitter crackdowns in years, to suppress narrative-unfriendly truths about the trans movement — who are now using guns and violence to push their politics. Lots of right wingers have been locked out of their account merely for posting the pictures above — which were created by trans people.

What happened to free speech, Elon?