The New Left is Completely Different to the Old Left

The New Left is Completely Different to the Old Left. By Tyler Durden.

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi — of recent “Twitter Files” fame — has exposed the fact that civil liberties are no longer popular among Democrats. Taibbi appeared on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” to reiterate his perspective that the modern Democratic Party no longer represents the values of the everyday American:

“About all of this — Matt, how do you feel about all of this? I know before you started discovering this bad behavior, you identified as a Democrat, and now you’ve got all of your friends, quote-unquote, in the media attacking you for exposing this,” Bartiromo asked.

“Yeah, it’s funny, I mean, I was raised in a traditional ACLU liberal, I believed in free speech all my life. That was one of the things, frankly, that attracted me to the Democratic Party when I was a kid, the idea that we were the party that believed in letting everybody have a say, and we’ll just make a better argument, and that’s how the system works,” Taibbi said.

He continued, “Apparently, something very dramatic has changed in politics in America, and there’s been a shift. There’s no question about it anymore, that now the parties have had a complete reversal on how they read these issues.

The old left used to champion the working class. The new left despise the working class for being deplorable.

The old left railed against the inequities brought about by big business and banking. The new left are now the class of economic privilege, being the 5% of the population that are the professional helper class for the rich, or taking cushy government jobs with inflated salaries.

Like many, Taibbi didn’t leave the left, but the left left Taibbi.