Conservative Australians should be very angry

Conservative Australians should be very angry. By Rowan Dean.

The NSW state election on Saturday saw Labor win very handsomely. Labor now control every Australian state and Federal government except Tasmania.

John Howard was a conservative. He won, again and again and again. Tony Abbott was a conservative. He won a landslide. Scott Morrison dressed himself up as a conservative and won his first election before shedding his conservative clothes and lost his second one. Turnbull, the luvvies’ preferred Prime Minister, only survived by the skin of his teeth and lost Abbott’s huge majority.

Virtually every state election across the nation in the last decade has seen Woke Liberal parties getting thrashed. Dominic Perrottet is just another in the long list of non-conservative conservatives.

Can we please stop this errant nonsense that the Liberal party needs to become more like its opponents in order to win?

Left vs right:

Leftist parties will always win on emotional issues and utopian fantasies.

The job is much harder for conservatives. Conservatives must argue from sound principles grounded in hard-earned experience and sell concepts that are anathema to the laptop class –- concepts such as thrift, hard work, sacrifice, the Protestant work ethic, dedication, individual freedoms, resilience, and above all equality of opportunity not equality of outcome.

Conservative values, by recognising the weaknesses of human behaviour as well as the strengths, are grounded in reality.

Leftist values, grounded in fantasies, lies, and fabrications, are easy to sell but impossible to deliver. Only a strong, single-minded conservative convictions-based leader can ever point this out. …

The Liberal Party has dithered and flirted with woke, relentlessly shepherded into the woke pen by the ABC and other media outlets:

Traditional Australians should be very angry with the Liberals.

The factional warlords have squandered the genuine faith mainstream Australians put in the Liberals to be the party to protect them from the ravages of the Left. Instead, they have time after time simply pandered to them. Name a cultural issue, and you’ll find the Liberals have simply vacated the field.

Another example: after correctly resisting Labor’s calls to stick the Aboriginal flag on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge — a hugely important symbolic victory to the Indigenous activist class of ceding sovereignty — Mr Perrottet, as Premier, turned around and did exactly that before compounding the error by supporting the Voice.