Republicans must relentlessly address the Democrats’ preferred election arrangements

Republicans must relentlessly address the Democrats’ preferred election arrangements. By Paul Gottfried.

It is almost impossible to do full justice to the record of corruption and disasters Joe Biden has accumulated in politics and most egregiously while occupying the White House.

From opening our southern border to floods of illegal aliens — including terrorists and drug cartels — to weaponizing the Justice Department against his political opponents, to creating inflation through cutting off energy sources and engaging in massive deficit spending, to pushing the gender mutilation of the young, to evidently taking tens of millions of dollars in bribes from the Chinese Communist Party, Biden may be the most reprehensible and corrupt individual who ever sat in the Oval Office.

That doesn’t even include his disastrous foreign policy decisions, especially the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan that Biden alone was responsible for ordering. …

One may wonder how such a fool and knave could occupy the presidency, even if he is simply a front for the deep state, the media, and his corporate sponsors. …

Democrat Party forever — you know it’s inevitable:

What for me is even more disturbing than Biden’s despicable performance in the White House is the likelihood that he will be reelected. Unless certain actions are taken, we may be seeing a repeat of 2020 and 2022. …

John Zmirak suggests that we should ask this question of any Republican candidate for the presidency before endorsing him:

Is a candidate willing to admit that Democrats routinely engage in election fraud, and did so in a massive way in 2020, employing the lax voting rules smuggled in during the COVID panic?

Admitting this ugly fact will earn a candidate the earsplitting leftist dog-whistle ‘election denier,’ and might even get him sued by a billion-dollar corporation. It will turn off some big money interests, and unite our media in hostility to a forthright, courageous candidate. …

For example:

Pennsylvania has lots of drop boxes, into which Democratic operatives can dump their already filled-out ballots in the middle of night, early, and not particularly secure voting by mail, and no voter identification requirement. All these arrangements make it exceedingly easy for Democrats to manufacture votes.

Outcheat the Dems? Not a chance:

Republicans will, of course, have trouble getting back into office to change the voting laws. They won’t be able to outfox the more experienced Democrats as cheaters. And if Republicans try their own finagling, the media, which acts as the Democrats’ shock troops, will scream bloody murder.


Republicans must demand that we go back to the old rules of casting all votes at designated precincts in full sight of poll watchers from both major parties on the scheduled Election Day. They must refuse to participate in elections unless this happens ….

Given all the other obstacles that Republicans face, such as hostile media, the perpetual indignation of unmarried women, and the frenzied LGBTQ+ lobby, it is unrealistic to think they can win the presidency unless they relentlessly address the Democrats’ preferred election arrangements. Otherwise, Republicans can expect to get outsmarted once again.

Also, demand paper ballots and hand counting by people overseen by scrutineers from both sides. Count and recount until everyone agrees.

Republicans — don’t let the Dems bully and trick you out of insisting on this. If necessary, refuse to participate.