The alleged Trump felony doesn’t even make sense

The alleged Trump felony doesn’t even make sense. By Stephen Miller.

The idea that a routine private settlement, unconnected to any campaign activity, is a criminal offense because the settlement should have been paid with official campaign funds is the most preposterous, ludicrous, idiotic, indefensible, fraudulent “legal theory” conceivable.

Under this “theory,” candidates must use federal campaign funds for private, personal or corporate matters — an exact inversion of federal law. Indeed, DOJ prosecutes those who use campaign funds for expressly non-campaign purposes. Of course, the “theory” is all bogus pretext.

No serious human believes that Manhattan DA’s office believes any of this. They understand this is a purely partisan exercise in vengefully prosecuting a political enemy precisely as is done is repressive third world nations, despotic regimes and marxist authoritarian states.

The “crime”:

The investigation, led by Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, an elected Democrat, centres on $130,000 paid weeks before the 2016 polls to stop porn star Stormy Daniels from going public about an affair she says she had with Trump years earlier [2006]. …

The guy on the right was her lawyer, and was touted as a future Democrat president, but is now in prison for real crimes.

The payment to Daniels, if not properly accounted for, could result in a misdemeanour charge for falsifying business records. That might be raised to a felony if the false accounting was intended to cover up a second crime, such as a campaign finance violation, The New York Times has reported.