The Liars on the Left

The Liars on the Left. By Mark Judge. Smearing all who aren’t on the left — who would want to be a deplorable?.

I thought back to a conversation I had with [Tucker] Carlson in 1997 …

That year I attended CPAC, the annual conservative conference held at the Sheraton in Washington, D.C. Our conversation had barely started when he steered it to CPAC. ”Hey, were you at CPAC?” he asked me. I said I had been. “Did you see any drugs or heavy drinking and sexual assaults?”

I had no idea what he was talking about. I hadn’t seen anything but conservatives giving speeches and hawking their books. Tucker pointed me to an article in The New Republic. In it, a journalist described how a group of four young male conservatives conspired to sexually assault a woman. It deserves quoting at length, as twenty years later, similar lies would be resurrected to try and destroy me. It also foreshadows the contagion of lies that has infected our elites, from government to media.

The New Republic article describes an awful criminal plot hatched by a small group of make conservatives:

Over the next hour, in a haze of beer and pot, and in between rantings about feminists, gays and political correctness, the young men hatch a plan. Seth, a meaty quarterback from a small college in Indiana, and two others will drive to a local bar. There, the three will choose the ugliest and loneliest woman they can find. “Get us a real heifer, the fatter the better, bad acne would be a bonus,” Michael shouts. He is so drunk he doesn’t know he is shouting. Seth will lure the victim, whom they call a “whale,” back to the hotel room. The five who stay behind will hide under the beds. After Seth undresses the whale, the five will jump out and shout, “We’re beaching! Whale spotted!” They will take a photograph of the unfortunate woman.

The piece concludes: “This is the face of young conservatism in 1997: pi***d off and pi***d; dejected, depressed, drunk and dumb.”

The author of the piece, called “Spring Breakdown,” was a man named Stephen Glass. Glass had made the entire story up. He would become the most notorious fabulist in modern journalism, the author of dozens of fictional stories played off as fact.

Glass is now the patron saint of the Deep State, our elites, and the media. His example is how they operate.

I have often written here about the 2018 ordeal, when the media and the Democrats said that I had witnessed a sexual assault by my high school friend Brett Kavanaugh. They also said that Brett and I had been at ten teen parties where girls were drugged and gang raped.

That nightmare is several years in the past, and I have a new book about my experience, so there’s no need for a deep dive on the subject. What is extraordinary, however, is how the fantasies of Stephen Glass, the drunk right-wing goons ganging up on a scared, innocent girl, parallel the lies told more than to decades later about me and Brett.

Stephen Glass’s tactics are now mainstream. They were, and are, the official playbook of our elites, from the Democrats to NeverTrump zealots. People in power will tell such lies until they get caught, and even after that.

This is why it is so absolutely crucial that regular people simply not engage with this new American Stasi. Imagine the worst, most unscrupulous and malicious liar you’ve ever known in your life. That person is the reporter who just showed up at your door. The assumption that leftist politicians and the media are reflections of Satan himself, the father of lies, is not an exaggeration.

They even made a movie about it, trying to make out it was just one guy and exceptional. Only it isn’t any more.