Why Fox News Needs to Free Tucker

Why Fox News Needs to Free Tucker. By Doug Wilson.

So Kevin McCarthy released some 40K hours of surveillance tape of J6 to Tucker Carlson, for him to release to the public — much to the consternation and dismay of Official Washington. …

Tucker released his first batch from that trove a week ago last Monday [03/06/23], thereby proving that certain established narratives about J6 were, to use a quaint and old-fashioned term, a lie.

The day after Tucker released his first volley, Sen. Chuck Schumer called upon Rupert Murdoch to squelch this threatened outbreak of journalism at his network. Sen. McConnell also registered his opposition to any release of this footage, quoting T.S. Eliot who once said that “humankind cannot bear very much reality.” Okay, he actually didn’t quote Eliot, but he might as well have.

Since that call went out to Murdoch, the expected conga-line of explosive footage drops that we were all anticipating from Tucker has somehow failed to materialize.

The conclusion should be obvious, which is that Fox News is censoring Tucker — Fox News has teamed up with Official Washington.

Good old Fox News is spiking the story.

hat-tip Stephen Neil