Natives made to feel powerless minorities in their own countries, such as Europe

Natives made to feel powerless minorities in their own countries, such as Europe. By Steven Tucker.

In Douglas Murray’s 2019 book The Madness of Crowds, the popular conservative author revealed something strange about the Google Image results when he typed the phrase “European Art” into the wholly unbiased search engine in question. The first painting that appeared was not da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, nor Frans Hals’ Laughing Cavalier. Instead, it was a c.1650 portrait by the Spanish Old Master Diego Velázquez of his assistant Juan de Pareja — who was black. …

[Google] presents the history of European art as consisting largely of portraits of black people…. [This] is…certainly “representative” of what some people today might like to see. But it is not remotely representative of the past…. Portraits by or of black people were very unusual until recent decades when the populations of Europe began to change. And there is something not just strange but sinister in this representation of the past…. [It] is simply not a truthful representation of history, Europe or art. …

The fake demographics of Google’s fake art-gallery, once accepted as an “accurate” representation of the West’s racial past, can then be used to manipulate white European and Americans citizens’ impression of their demographic present, too; and, ultimately, to help determine their sad demographic future.

Google has since erased that flagrant propaganda — Pareja has slipped to third place. But whites are still being systematically gaslit:

Via lying labels like “Global Majority,” race hucksters seek to systematically train people into disbelieving the evidence of their own eyes and census records about the demographics of these nations as they actually stand today. Wherever white people are still in a majority, they argue, we need to speak of them as if they are not. Verbal control becomes a means of political control, an authentically Orwellian concept.

“Whiteness,” crow [this] article’s authors, “is in its death throes,” sustained only by “the continuation of deficit narratives” that promote the alleged untruth that people in majority-white nations like Canada live in, um, majority-white nations like Canada. Instead, “Correctly describing the Global Majority as such, disrupts this narrative and moves racialized people from the margins to the center.”

The ultimate aim appears to be to instill a form of false consciousness in white people so that they come to wildly underestimate their own numbers in their own countries, and become imprisoned inside a real-life mental version of Google’s fake art-gallery.

Disturbingly, this Big Brother tactic can work. A 2022 article by novelist Lionel Shriver in the London Times revealed that, due to systematic overrepresentation of ethnic minorities in the U.S. media, the average American believes 42 percent of their fellow countrymen are black, whereas the true figure is only 12 percent. Even more unbelievable, the average black American questioned believed they were in the majority of the U.S. population, supposedly making up 52 percent of it.

A similar survey in the U.K. found respondents guessed Britain’s own population was 20 percent black — the true figure then being 3 percent. ….


By habitually (but correctly) calling Western non-whites minorities, Lim argues, you disempower them; by disingenuously calling them majorities, however, you give them power.

But power over whom? The only logical conclusion would be “power over whites.” Long before the end of this century, the Global Majority mob, if dubiously conflated in aggregate, will outnumber whites all throughout Europe and America. Then, if the race hucksters get their way, they will ruthlessly begin to bend whitey toward their will within whitey’s own ancestral homelands.