Men have won the battle of the sexes

Men have won the battle of the sexes. By Tucker Carlson, who is on a roll this week.

The battle of the sexes has finally ended after several million years of jockeying and strife. Men won conclusively.

We know this because yesterday was International Women’s Day. That’s the day we as a global community celebrate women, but if you looked closely at the women we were celebrating, you may have noticed a lot of them weren’t actually women. They were lumpy-looking dudes, and that was not accidental.

In fact, it was a brilliant piece of sexual jiu-jitsu. Sun Tzu could have written that strategy. Here you had men who are clearly craftier than they look somehow convincing a whole lot of otherwise self-aware and highly educated women to praise them as living paragons of womanhood.

Think about how hard it would be to sell that proposition. “I’m going to steal your identity and then mock and degrade the immutable characteristics that define you as a person, and then as I do this, you are going to smile brightly and applaud and then give a speech about how liberated you feel.” How about that?

The whole thing is amazing. It’s like watching a practical joke devised by the drunkest, most cynical fraternity brothers at the University of Alabama during a hungover breakfast at Denny’s. You can picture them all there in baseball hats, dipping Copenhagen, spitting into their coffee mugs. “Think we can get girls to fall for that? No way. They’ll never buy it.” Oh, but they did. They bought it, and it wasn’t really that hard to sell it.

Liberals will fall for anything if they think it is fashionable and progressive, and so before long, the practical joke from Denny’s at the University of Alabama made it all the way to the White House, where it was taken with the utmost seriousness.

Here’s Jill Biden and Secretary Tony Blinken handing out an award on International Women’s Day to a dude in makeup. … Did you see Tony Blinken fight the natural urge to flinch as that guy kissed him? There was no flinching allowed on “International Men-in-Dresses Day.” That might spoil the intended message for the audience, which is, “Hey, ladies, meet your new hero. He’s the guy who’s making fun of you.” And they do welcome the guy. They clap like seals …

Feminism has been flattened and sacked by the Visigoths of the trans movement, and if you doubt that, notice that all the women’s awards these days seem to be going to men.

  • Here we have Richard Levine put on an admiral’s uniform with a skirt and become USA Today’s Woman of the Year.
  • William Thomas wears a one-piece bathing suit and gets nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year.
  • Then some guy who calls himself Fae, with an “e,” was Hershey’s Women’s Day honoree, and so on.

The men are taking all the prizes set aside for women, but that’s not all they’re stealing. They’re also taking what progressive called “lived experiences.” So anyone could throw on a halter top, but the real dividing line is biology. Only actual women can have menstrual cycles. Well, not anymore. Anything a woman can do, a man can do better. That’s the slogan of the trans movement, and that includes getting cramps. …

Somewhere at the University of Alabama, those fraternity brothers are throwing in another dip and howling. “We got them to make abortion all about men’s bodies. We got them to watch TikTok videos where some dude lectures them about menstrual cramps. We got them to give all the ladies’ awards to men and feel virtuous as they were doing it.” It is the funniest practical joke ever.

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