White Leftists switched from colorblind to hating their own race, in 2016

White Leftists switched from colorblind to hating their own race, in 2016. By Kerry Wakefield.

The American National Election Study is the country’s oldest continuous series of survey data investigating electoral behaviour and attitudes, dating back to 1948; it is dry and academic. But it polls how racial groups rate each other, and in its 2020 Time Series Study whites come out on the side of the angels, rating whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians virtually equally on a feelings thermometer.

Blacks, Hispanics and Asians all strongly preference their own racial group above all others, but whites do not. Moreover, all three racial groups put whites below all others.

Lest you dismiss this as just another poll, it’s a long, written questionnaire of 7,000 to 8,000 US voters, and while it says nothing about individual attitudes, it carries weight in respect of groups.

Wading into these contentious waters is race and sex researcher, Illinois State University professor L. J. Zigerell, who said 50 per cent of whites rated the other racial groups equally, while only around 30 to 35 per cent of the other races did.

He further says that while white conservatives still favour their own tribe just as other racial groups do, white ‘liberals’ increasingly favour ‘outgroups’, or other racial groups, over their own race.

In other words, it’s white Leftists who are out of love with whites.

All racial communities have their disputes and factions, but only white Leftists, in the ANES data, have decided to hate their own race.

Nice to see it confirmed in a survey.

And when did it start?

Manhattan Institute ‘Wokeness Studies’ sociologist, Zach Goldberg, further fleshes out the ANES data. 2016 was the year when white Leftists started rating non-whites more warmly than whites, he says…

By 2020 white Leftists (but not moderates or conservatives) saw whites as more violent and lazy and less intelligent than blacks. To quote Goldberg: ‘Very liberal’ (whites) now rate racial/ethnic minorities nearly 22 (!) points more warmly than they do whites’.

This is academic support for what we all saw with Hillary’s ‘deplorables’ comment, slurs about ‘smelly Walmart people’ and what seems to be a rising tide of anti-white racism evident in the media, in schools (Critical Race Theory, race quotas, diversity hires) and other institutions in the West. Anti-white stories and headlines are permitted by the powers-that-be, but woe betide if, Dilbert-like, you attack the wrong group.

Whereas anti-black incidents such as the George Floyd killing or the Jussie Smollett hoax create wall-to-wall media coverage, every other day we see a steady but low-key stream of racial animus against whites. Twitter lit up recently with black kids beating up a white girl on a bus. This week an Ohio video shows black kids beating up a 12-year-old white boy at school to make him support BLM; the Daily Mail is running a report about a black Staten Island educator vowing to get rid of white principals.

ANES data says whites are the least tribal race, but under this pummeling, for how long?

So only whites were mostly trying to be colorblind. Now, leftist whites are not only flagrantly not colorblind, but they hate on whites more than other races! How woke of them.

Why am I reminded of self-hating Jews? Trying to buy favor withe  more numerous out-groups, perhaps?

Again, good to see the obvious confirmed in a survey.