Twilight of Abundance: As Predicted

Twilight of Abundance: As Predicted. By David Archibald.

It was the end of history, they said. Nothing bad would ever happen again. That sentiment peaked in 2005 with the notion of “Responsibility to Protect” — that the  civilised world would step in to stop the lesser breeds without the law from being mean to each other.

But those happy times contained the seeds of their own destruction. In 2014 [my] book “Twilight of Abundance” was published, detailing five developments that were coming in the 2020s: peak oil, Chinese aggression, cooling climate, famine, and nuclear proliferation. …

It is gratifying that those dire predictions are all happening on schedule. It is common now to see headlines like this:

China is a country run with fathomless depravity by the Chinese Communist Party.  For the last thirty years at least, their internal party documents have been saying that they will start a war with the United States with the aim of displacing that country as the major power on the planet. …

The Chicoms say they are going to invade Taiwan. The drumbeat of war in Asia is provided by this chart of Chinese baiting of Japan in the Senkaku Islands:

There has been a doubling of incursions since 2019. War with China is going to be a big affair, with a big death toll and lots of suffering. Yet we still trade with China, which allows them to finance their war of choice. There is no need to trade with China, because they are no longer the cheapest:

Thankfully, the manufacturing exodus from China is accelerating. Samsung, for example, now produces US$65 billion per annum of revenue from factories in Vietnam. Apple is moving to Vietnam and is also considering India. The latest insult to foreign companies in China is a directive to have a Party representative as chairman of any committee in a company.

It is especially gratifying that Nature behaved as predicted in Twilight of Abundance with peak global temperature in 2016:

As at February 2023, the atmosphere is only 0.08°C warmer than the average of the period from 1990 to 2020. Nevertheless, this measurable but humanly imperceptible warming has our government frothing at the mouth about the danger to the planet. And we must suffer as a consequence.

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