Dilbert creator Scott Adams reacted to a small number

Dilbert creator Scott Adams reacted to a small number. By Takimag.

Last week, Dilbert dilweed Scott Adams torpedoed his career because of a Rasmussen poll that asked black Americans if they agree with the statement “it’s okay to be white.” Twenty-six percent of blacks disagreed. So Adams took to social media claiming that, because of the poll, white people must “get the hell away from blacks.” Stop associating with them! “Black America,” Adams declared, “is a hate group.”

Problem is, as Slate pointed out, the actual raw number of black respondents who answered “it’s not okay to be white” was…34.


There are indeed many reasons to be wary of black neighborhoods. Adams chose the dumbest one: “Thirty-four blacks nationwide said something objectionable.”

And now, Adams has lost his syndicator, his publisher, and newspapers large and small.

Calling Dr Freud.

Bigger numbers of respondents are needed before a poll result should be taken as gospel. Although Rasmussen’s poll had the minimum number to be taken seriously — about a thousand — it didn’t have nearly enough in the “black” category.