Today’s Psychology is By Women, For Women — And Failing Men

Today’s Psychology is By Women, For Women — And Failing Men. By John Ghlionn.

The men of America are struggling. As Daniel de Visé, a writer for The Hill, recently noted, more than 60 percent of the country’s young men are single, “nearly twice the rate of unattached young women.” He warned that we are now witnessing a complete “breakdown in the social, romantic, and sexual life of the American male.” …

In the U.S., males are responsible for 80% of suicides, according to the CDC. Every 13.7 minutes, somewhere in America, a man takes his own life. Millions of men are desperate, loveless, aimless souls. Which raises the question: What can be done? Maybe more desperate men should seek psychological assistance?

On second thoughts, maybe they shouldn’t. …

Reality ignored:

Over the last few years, it has become fashionable for more and more people in the psychology community to reject evolutionary psychology, a direct descendent of psychology and biology. … To reject evolutionary psychology is to reject broader reality; an outright rejection of biological and evolved realities is occurring.

Doubters should check out some of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) more recent statements, like this one claiming that there are no major differences between men and women — in other words, they are claiming that men and women are basically the same, and clinical practice need not reflect any inherent differences between them. The APA, for the uninitiated, is the primary programmatic accreditor for professional education and training in psychology. When it comes to training psychologists and treating Americans, the APA calls all the shots.

The problem: Men and women are not the same. Sex differences in brain anatomy most definitely exist. The male brain is 10 percent larger than the female brain. Anatomical differences are largely explained by effects of sex hormones on brain development. Males and females experience various emotions — like happiness and sadness, for example — very differently.

Males are defective, toxic females — didn’t you know? Science.

The APA, which now considers traditionally masculine qualities such as stoicism and competitiveness to be “psychologically harmful,” is failing men.

Psychology, in general, is failing men.

Psychology Today, the largest media enterprise dedicated to all things psychology, regularly pushes the idea of “positive masculinity.” For “positive masculinity” to exist, some form of “negative” (or “toxic”) masculinity must also exist. This, of course, is a load of nonsense. There are toxic people, for sure. But masculinity – the qualities associated with being a man – is not in itself “toxic.” The articles claiming otherwise, however, most definitely are.

The female takeover of psychology:

Rollo Tomassi, a podcaster and writer who has been discussing the crisis of masculinity for years, told me that psychology is failing men because “modern psychology is by women for women.”

“Across all fields,” he noted, “female doctoral students in psychology outnumber males by approximately three to one and have done so for over a decade.” He’s right.

To compound matters, Tomassi added, “the few notable men remaining in the field have pivoted away from the work that made them reputable. They now embrace a female-friendly bastardization of their prior works to avoid cancellation and losing tenure or struggle for relevance in an age where online self-help influencers replace them daily.” …

Ideology is at war with truth, as always:

“There cannot be a uniquely male solution, ” he concluded, “largely because to do so would mean acknowledging fundamental differences in men’s evolved psychologies.” And we can’t have that, can we?