Politely ignoring group differences will lead to leftist destruction of our society

Politely ignoring group differences will lead to leftist destruction of our society. By the Z-Man.

If all people are equal, inequality must be the result of something other than nature. Individual choice can explain differences in individuals, but what explains measurable differences in groups of people? The only option once you eliminate the obvious is the structure of society itself. The reason blacks, for example, are overrepresented in prison is the criminal justice system distributes justice unequally between the races.

This is what the diversity warriors mean when they talk about whiteness or white supremacy culture. These are the unwritten rules of society that benefit one group over other groups. Since it is white societies that make this form of madness possible, they naturally conclude that white society is the problem. As insane as it is, the diversity warriors are not irrational. From their starting premise, theirs is the only rational answer for why we have inequality in our societies.

This is why conservatives are worthless against these arguments. Here is a “conservative case for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” post in National Review that is a good example of the problem. The author thinks there is some accommodation within his conventional American view of politics for the politics of diversity. He assumes that these people will accept equality of opportunity, when in fact they view that argument as the problem they are seeking to eliminate.

This is the central problem of diversity. Scarcity is a permanent feature of all human societies, even wealthy ones. For example, there is a finite amount of health care in America, which means some people get less, maybe even no health care, while others get the heath care they need. Since there are still some market forces at work, rich people will get luxurious levels of health care. Dick Cheney, for example, was able to buy a heart for himself.

The non-left must point out that groups are not statistically equal. Declining to do so out of politeness is costing the non-left very dearly.

Further, Mother Nature does not distribute her gifts equally among people, so no two people are identical and no two groups of people are equal. Combined with the scarcity problem, it means there will be an unequal distribution of benefits between people and also groups of people. Even more important, the more diverse your society, the less equal the outcomes appear.  …

This is why the arguments in favor of natural rights or equal opportunity sound increasingly ridiculous to people who live in the world. To conservatives they make perfect sense, because their income depends upon maintaining these fictions. To the diversity warriors, these arguments are confirmation that they have the morally superior argument and therefore they are justified in pushing even harder.  …

The diversity warriors have assumed control of the managerial state and the corresponding administrative state. They are now proceeding to remedy the equality problem. From each race according to their abilities, to each race according to their needs.

Of course, this has no better chance of working than Marxism. …

This is what makes American conservatism so evil. It is the sugary drink in which the poison of egalitarianism is dosed to society. The diversity warriors believe they are on the side of angels, while the so-called conservative know otherwise, but they choose to cash in on the madness. The simpleton who wrote that NRO piece is too dumb to get this, but his handlers surely know better. Yet, they volunteer to be the willing accomplices to the executioners of Western civilization.

Ii is becoming critical. Pretending that all groups are equal gives the left permission — indeed, the moral imperative — to take control of society to force equal outcomes. That is, equity.

For example, in the US context, this must no longer be denied or swept under the carpet:

And throughout the West, stop pretending this isn’t the case:

IQ intelligence male female

The distribution of g (raw intelligence) in male and female populations. The scale of the horizontal axis is in units of the male standard deviation. Only 37% of humans with IQs over 120 (the bottom of managerial level) are female. As the threshold IQ moves up, the male-female gap only grows larger. Blame God.

Groups are unequal. Deal with it.

The Z-Man is now openly talking about it. He is near the leading edge of rational, polite, well-informed, non-left political thought in the US, so it still has a long way to percolate through the non-left. But it will.

Seven years ago, when this blog started, almost no one even dared breathe the idea that there was such a thing as anti-white discrimination, or that it was happening. The very idea of identifying a group called “whites” was almost unthinkable. We did it then. Now it is common throughout the non-left, because the anti-white discrimination is too obvious to deny any longer.

Now we must move on to the next stage. If all groups are in fact statistically equal in relevant abilities then the left is correct and their project to remake society to ensure equal outcomes for all groups is a noble one. But if groups are different, then their cause is an abomination. Choose one. (Well, actually reality has already chosen, but it would be inconsistent of you not to choose one and stick to it.)