Christians are the new Klansmen

Christians are the new Klansmen. By Rod Dreher.

When the radical Nicola Sturgeon abruptly resigned as leader of the separatist Scottish National Party, a British friend texted me to say he was really worried about Kate Forbes, the young government minister who was the favorite to replace her. Forbes is really talented, said my friend — meaning that she might well be able to lead Scotland to secession.

That looks unlikely to happen now. Why? Because Kate Forbes, 32, is a Presbyterian — and a real one, not one of the woke ones. Her views on trans matters — she opposes the idea that men can be women simply because they claim to be — were well known. She was asked her feelings about same-sex marriage, which is legal in Scotland. She said she opposed it for faith reasons, but said that as far as she’s concerned, it’s a settled issue, and if she became SNP leader, she would not seek to reverse it. She also said that thinks having children out of wedlock is a bad idea. Watch the whole video interview here.

That did it. She’s now History’s Greatest Monster. …

Kathleen Stock, the distinguished academic and lesbian who was driven out of her college for being gender-critical, rises to Forbes’s defense:

“Of course, in practice, no-one criticising her has any idea whether Forbes is a genuine homophobe or not. …

“But Forbes is unlikely to be given the benefit of the doubt. To do so would be to squander a rare chance to perpetuate the hysterical fantasy that LGBTQI+ people in Britain, generally, are permanently a hair’s breadth away from malicious destruction — even as the Equality Act explicitly protects both gay and trans people, the BBC hosts dozens of positive stories about trans youth, millions of pounds roll into charity coffers, gay men rule entertainment telly, lesbians rule women’s sport, and entire classrooms change their pronouns to the delight of their teachers.

As I say, what we have here is a clash of two religions. One of them is full of sanctimonious, swivel-eyed moral scolds, rooting out heresy and trying to indoctrinate everybody into their fantastic way of thinking. The other is a branch of Calvinism.

“One of them asks “what would Jesus do?” and the other “what would Owen Jones think?”. Faced with a choice between their representatives on earth, I know which kind I would prefer to see in high office.” …

Christians will now be driven out of public life, even if they pose no threat to LGBTQI+.

Remember the Law of Merited Impossibility? It says, “It will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it.”

Back in 2006, people like me were called alarmists, and were asked, “How does my gay neighbors’ marriage hurt me?” by people who didn’t actually want an answer. Well, the fate of Kate Forbes is part of the answer. It was baked into the cake from the beginning. Why? Because if same-sex marriage (and transgenderism) are civil rights, and human rights, then to oppose them is to be guilty of the equivalent of racism. You can explain all day long how sexuality and gender are not like race, and it won’t matter. Nobody wants to hear it….

The success of the LGBT lobby depends on keeping everybody believing the lie that LGBT people are on the verge of being sent to the camps by Christians in what is fast becoming one of the world’s most secular societies.

Told you so:

Back in 2015, a well-known Evangelical pastor friend told me that when he would be invited to guest-preach in churches, he would tell congregations that the day is fast coming in which they will all be seen as no better than Klansmen for believing what the Bible says about sexuality, and what most Americans believed until the day before yesterday. He said they could not bring themselves to believe him. They just couldn’t. … Normie Christians found it impossible to accept that this was going to happen to our country. …

Spreading throughout the West:

Ask yourself: would anybody who believes what Kate Forbes believes be able to rise to leadership in the Democratic Party? …

The real question twenty or thirty years from now will be whether it is possible to be Kate Forbes as a Republican.

Thirty years war, redux:

This is a religious war. The other side does not want tolerance. They never did. Even those among them who advocate sincerely for tolerance are on the margins of the movement. It’s a movement that takes scalps.

In the meantime, we on the conservative side are cursed by normie Republicans like Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, and Larry Hogan, all of whom criticize Gov. Ron DeSantis for violating “small-government conservatism” in going after Woke Conservative behemoth Disney.

Kate Forbes refused to live by lies, and it might well cost her her political career. That’s what life is like in post-Christian Britain.

The sexual politics of the Roman empire in Jesus time were awful. Slaves and the weak were often sexually exploited. Wealthy people even hired guards to walk their sons home from schools, for fear they would be molested.

When Christianity came along with the messages that it was one man with one woman, buggery was right out, and even the powerful will have to answer for their sins in the next life, most people found it very liberating.

That’s a large part of why Christianity went from an obscure Jewish religion to the standard religion for the whole Mediterranean civilization. But now, in modern times of comfort and luxury, the sexual revolutionaries are seizing control back again. All has been forgotten.

hat-tip Stephen Neil