Victorian MP Moria Deeming Versus the Uniparty

Victorian MP Moria Deeming Versus the Uniparty. By Rod Lampard.

Moria Deeming’s maiden speech to the Victorian parliament was a reckoning for the Victorian Liberal National Party. Leftist-lite Liberal Party leaders have every reason to fear her. …

A teacher, she rebelled against the nonsense she was forced to teach:

As a teacher, “I began to be very concerned about the things I was being told to teach,” Deeming explained.

“Lessons on tolerance were being replaced with lessons on inclusion. It wasn’t enough anymore to just accept each other’s differences with respect. Now students were required to affirm and celebrate beliefs they did not share.

“Perfectly reasonable, moral, and religious differences were being reframed as discriminatory, and intolerant. A new vocabulary was introduced categorising people as allies or enemies,” the LNP newcomer recounted.

“Instead of being inspired by history’s heroes, students were being chastised and even told to stand up in class, and apologise for historical crimes that they had neither committed, nor condoned.”

These kids, Deeming said, were also being told what to think, rather than taught how to think.

Catastrophisers told kids, “the physical world is on the brink of doom, but rather than assigning research projects to find practical solutions, they were being assigned activism — including social media awareness-raising campaigns, ideological fundraisers, and attendance at protests during school hours.” …

“Teachers like me were being forced to lie to parents about their children who were secretly living as one gender at school, and another gender at home.”

The Ugly Vilification of Moira Deeming Is Reprehensible. By Bill Muehlenberg.

In today’s Herald Sun there was a horrific hatchet job on newly elected Liberal politician Moira Deeming. It seems they uncovered some earlier emails of hers that inform us that she is far worse than Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper, and Genghis Khan combined. …

If a Muslim MP had said something similar, and thanked Allah for helping him to get elected, would the lamestream media be baying for his blood? I don’t think so. There is only one belief system that can be vilified at will, with no consequences. …

But leave it to Dictator Dan to really take the cake here:

Premier Daniel Andrews hit back at her inaugural speech, which took aim at sex workers and transgender Victorians’ “extreme” attempts at gaining equality. However, less than 24 hours later the Premier said he had no interest hearing what Ms Deeming had to say.

“I didn’t hear her speech, I’m almost certain I won’t read it and almost equally certain that the member of parliament would love nothing more than me to be talking about her on the back door of parliament to try and push forward and propagate an agenda,” he said.

Mr Andrews went on to say Ms Deeming’s stance wasn’t an “example of the best of” Victorians. “You know, we are an inclusive, harmonious, respectful place where equality is not negotiable and that’s always been my view; it’s always been our policy,” he said.

Ya always gotta love it when the most bigoted, intolerant and exclusive lefties around drone on and on about being “an inclusive, harmonious, respectful place”. …

Oh, and as mentioned: Just how long will it be before the spineless wimps in the Liberal Party decide young Moira is just too hot to handle, and it is time for her to go? We know the Libs of today are overwhelmingly a bunch of woke wonders who are doing their best to cozy up to Labor and the Greens. Someone like Moira will spoil the party.

Think it can’t happen? You are dreaming. Recall Bernie Finn, the most consistent conservative MP the state Libs had. What happened to him? The Libs booted him out for holding to the exact same positions that Moira holds. For daring to be pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and concerned about the trans war on our children, he was unceremoniously given the flick.

hat-tip Stephen Neil