Biden’s ex-nuclear waste chief, a diversity hire, has been stealing women’s luggage for years

Biden’s ex-nuclear waste chief, a diversity hire, has been stealing women’s luggage for years. By Robert Spencer.

Sam Brinton was one of the Biden regime’s showcase appointments. When he became deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Department of Energy, Brinton himself told us about how history was being made, as he was “one of if not the very first openly genderfluid individuals in federal government leadership.”

He loved to prance around in women’s clothes, and even noted proudly that he “has worn stilettos to Congress to advise legislators about nuclear policy” and even to the White House to talk to Barack and Michelle about the gay life.

But it all fell apart when Sam was arrested not once, but twice for stealing luggage from airport baggage claim areas. And now a Tanzanian fashion designer has come forward with proof that Brinton stole her clothes, too.

Well, well, well. When this broke on Twitter, people soon found more photos of Sam in stolen women’s clothes.

The tweets present a compelling case that Brinton has not just purloined luggage in Minneapolis and Las Vegas, but in Washington as well, and that opens the door to the possibility that this is habitual and possibly even compulsive behavior. …

Sam Brinton is a sick man. He needs help. The help he needs is not likely to come from psychologists, as it is clear that the medical and pharmaceutical establishment is all in on feeding and fostering the delusions and fantasies of such people, rather than on trying to bring them back to reality. …

In a sane society, Sam Brinton would be gently and carefully brought back to reality, not coddled with the plural pronouns that he demand be used of him, and with the celebration of what is clearly a pathology that has deformed his life.

Instead, of course, the whole sorry charade is continuing, and will continue. When he appeared in court in Minneapolis recently, the judge fastidiously referred to him as “Mx Brinton,” which is some gender-fluid neologism, rather than as “Mr. Brinton.” No one realizes or dares to admit that this is just the sort of thing that got Brinton into this fix. Reinforcing it now is only making it likely that some other fashionable woman is going to find her luggage missing in some airport baggage claim area in the future.

“Non-binary” Sam Brinton is not a hero of gender fluidity. He is a victim of our society’s fashionable madness. He should not be treated as anything else.

Yes Obama, these are the people we’ve been waiting for, the new sort of leaders we need.