Our hostile ruling class

Our hostile ruling class. By Rod Dreher.

Think about how hostile the ruling class (both Republicans and Democrats) are to many of us.

The Republican Party, which led the way into the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which left so many of our soldiers dead or maimed (physically or mentally, or both), for no good reason, is now cheerleading behind Joe Biden’s campaign to drag us closer to a broader conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia. Who does war with Russia benefit? Not you — and saying so does not make you a Putin simp, despite what our media and the Establishment say.

Remember when President George W. Bush convinced us all that we had to fight in Iraq for “freedom”? It was a lie. A friend of mine, a Rush Limbaugh-listening working class conservative who came back from Iraq with a medal on his chest, told me back then that the whole thing was “a waste.” Remember when they told us that we had to fight in Afghanistan to turn it into a liberal democracy because Reasons? And now, a trillion dollars later, the Taliban once again runs the country, and the US is represented in Kabul by a nitwit diplomat who tweets out crap like this, as if Afghanistan were an American college campus:



We have a news and entertainment media that constantly propagandize for a worldview that says our sons might actually be girls, and our daughters truly boys — and that gets inside their heads to try to scramble their natural instincts, to turn our kids against themselves and us. This is not paranoia — this is really happening, and it’s happening in the schools too.

We have a news and entertainment media that is dead-set on dividing Americans by race, and as part of that, stigmatizing the half of people in this country who were born non-Latino white. The major capitalist class has embraced this poisonous ideology, and made itself an enemy of many of us Americans. And we have one political party (the Democrats) who have gone all in on normalizing this stuff in law, and another (Republicans) who have either gone along with it, or who have, with some praiseworthy exceptions, mounted only feeble resistance. As long as the Washington GOP gets its business tax cuts and foreign wars, it could not possibly care less about families, churches, schools, and workers. …

I don’t like to be combative, not really. But the culture war I would rather fight is not the one we are in. That’s why I pay attention to those more radical than I am: because sometimes — not all the time, but sometimes — they follow the logic farther than I am willing to do. The frightening part, however, comes when they arrive at a bad place … and conservatives like me wonder if there can be any middle ground between the bad place we are in now, and the bad place to which the right-wing radicals would take us. …

Seriously, though: think about how well within living memory, it was barely conceivable for people of the Right to question the reasonability of military service. Now, though, after the wars of this century, and the lies that sustained them (see the Afghanistan Papers), and given that the US military has embraced the kind of woke ideologies that demonize the kind of people who are most likely to serve in the military, you’d have to be drunk on Kool-Aid not to at least question what you would be fighting for. I’ve had a number of currently serving military men tell me over the past three years that when their term is up, they’re bouncing out of the military, because it has become too politicized for them. They wonder why they should put their lives on the line fighting for a ruling class that hates people like them, and is working to make life harder for them and their children.

See, this is a big freaking deal: when conservatives, people on the Right, come to separate the US ruling class from themselves, and to see that ruling class as not governing the state and private institutions with the common good in mind, but according to an ideology that attacks core social, cultural, and religious values that used to be commonly observed in America … well, how do you hold the country together, then? …

If left-wingers who see this can unite with right-wingers who can see this, we might actually get somewhere. But I wouldn’t count on that happening. Who knows, though? All principled leftists and rightists ought to be able to see right through the Central Bank Digital Currrencies plan, which would be the greatest blow against liberty in history, as it would give states the ability to control buying and selling of every man and woman in the world. You don’t have to be a religious believer to see that this is Mark of the Beast stuff.

hat-tip Stephen Neil