Hardworking Men Who Built and Held America Together Riding Off Into the Sunset

Hardworking Men Who Built and Held America Together Riding Off Into the Sunset. By Darren Beattie.

For decades, local planners and technicians and civil engineers were often unsung heroes of American life. Even as American family life frayed, industry moved abroad, and crime soared, they built and maintained the amenities that are synonymous with the First World.

But the Heroic Age of Americans who actually built infrastructure is long past. The Silver Age of those who could at least maintain it is disappearing as well, like the Elves departing Middle-Earth. The average American utility worker is nearly fifty years old. In the next ten years as many as fifty percent of these workers will retire. …

These workers started their careers in a very different America: one with a higher-quality working class, which felt far less shame about hiring based on knowledge and ability, even if it produced a workforce that was “too white” or “too male” or too anything. Now, they are passing the baton to a population with different skills and very different values. Is anybody confident we’ll be able to manage the handoff?

Early signs aren’t promising. When Colonial Pipeline suffered a major outage due to a cyberattack, the company’s CEO had to admit that the company was essentially incapable of operating its pipelines manually, not because it was impossible, but because everyone with the knowledge to do so was retired or dead. …

Right before our eyes, America is losing that ability to sustain the complex systems that are the markers of modern civilization. …

Remember that trillion dollar infrastructure bill Biden passed? Did you know that construction companies who want access to any of that gigantic pile of federal dollars need to implement major affirmative action policies to favor people based on race and sex? And did you know that if a company is getting a government contract on even one project, they need to practice affirmative action on everything? …

Is it any surprise that while the East Palestine train derailment mess was unfolding, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was off giving a speech about the need to make construction work less white? …

When you see stories about American planes nearly crashing into each other, do you feel more or less confident when you also see stories about the pressing need to make pilots more diverse?


Try to imagine if we ever would have gotten to the moon with this set of twisted priorities. Speaking of which, what better example of the decline in human capital and infrastructure than our inability to repeat the moon missions we achieved over a half century ago with pre-pocket calculator technology?


The modern racism, racism, racism:

Unsurprisingly, America’s permanent crusade against phantom racism in everything is closely linked to the country’s decay in managing complex systems. Remember the crippling water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi last fall? … The Washington Post … simply took one look at the crisis and decided that, welp, racist white people were to blame:

“It was a lack of investment in Black people that failed the water system. When you do get a new mall, a new community college, a new movie theater, they’re typically placed in non-Black areas. … So there is a tacit refurbishing or a greater likelihood that infrastructure is built in White areas.”

Of course, even if mass flight of people and capital explains Jackson’s troubles, the Post doesn’t dare admit why the people and the money fled. The typical response is simply handwaving about racism …

The reality, of course, is that people flee cities precisely because they are already becoming unlivable. Jackson has a murder rate of nearly 90 per 100,000 people, more than triple the rate of Chicago and higher than any large city in the country. In a given year, a random resident of the city has a nearly one in a thousand chance of dying by violence.

Trace it all back, then, and Jackson’s water troubles are substantially driven by the political failure to maintain basic safety… but of course, a police department capable of suppressing crime is itself a complex, infrastructure-like system, and it’s yet another system that America loves to ruin with affirmative action and gutted standards.

Blaming “racism” for the problems of Jackson, or Chicago, or any other city is a cliché, an excuse used to avoid engaging with America’s steady decline or why it seems inexorable. Yet this cliché is the only response America’s regime knows.

To react any other way — by restoring meritocracy, by enforcing laws, by favoring the capable and law-abiding over the useless and parasitic — has become unthinkable.

The ideology of equality of outcome is killing America.

The South African role model is not working out too well either.