Two media tactics to keep you ignorant: totting and limited hangout

Two media tactics to keep you ignorant: totting and limited hangout. By Kerry Wakefield.

‘Totschweigetaktik’, or ‘totting’ for short … [is] German for ‘death by silence’ and is a tactic to kill issues and stories by ignoring them into non-existence. It’s the reporting equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and squeezing your eyes tight shut.

Totting is the preferred tactic of Voice proponents, who sought to fund only the Yes case for the referendum and not the No case, as was traditional in previous referenda, and don’t want to have a constitutional convention. Even details on how the idea would work are not to be provided. Trust us, please, and vote Yes.

The global media is currently totting the Twitter Files and a damaging recent Pfizer expose by Project Veritas, which secretly records highly placed insiders to uncover inconvenient truths. Legacy media has largely ignored Twitter boss Elon Musk’s extraordinary unmasking of the vast, hidden machinery enabling unprecedented US intelligence agency and Democrat censorship of social media.

Similar media quiet reigns on the Pfizer staffer’s revelations that, yes, the vaccines are creating mysterious problems with women’s fertility; that there is a revolving door between Big Pharma and regulators; and that Pfizer is considering ‘directed evolution’ of viruses, which many might call gain-of-function were that not illegal, to get ahead with the creation of more ‘cash cow’ vaccines.

The limited hangout tactic:

Another useful new (to me) term is ‘limited hangout’, which is not to do with social events, but refers to admitting lesser mistakes while keeping more damaging crimes buried. It’s a spyworld term for allowing some information to be released to extinguish a media clamour; for whatever reason, overuse perhaps, it’s now moving into public discourse.

Letting Joe Biden’s classified documents be found in a garage, for example, may be a limited hangout compared with exposing his being on the take from China. When the Chinese spy balloon over the US could no longer be denied, we got a limited hangout on its route and other details, but no reveal on how and why it, and apparently others, had sailed merrily past the mighty US defence forces.

Only works when your side owns the media. So, again, the problem is media ownership…