Putin Has a Point

Putin Has a Point. By Steve Tucker.

A recent Russian propaganda video was intended to dissuade native citizens from fleeing abroad to escape economic sanctions imposed in the wake of Putin’s invasion, showing a middle-aged couple and their child on a flight out of Moscow toward asylum in the USA. The debased Western whore in the seat in front welcomes them toward the famous “Land of the Free,” before introducing them to her husband—a woman named Emily, who uses male pronouns.

The Russian husband soon needs the toilet, but finds a random black man barging to the front of the line, only to be informed that this morally superior being must be allowed to empty out his own brown bowels first as a form of belated fecal reparations for the historical sins of slavery; inevitably, the White Russian is forced to take the knee by the Black American. Several further woke misadventures ensue before the entire family finally don lifejackets and bail out mid-Atlantic, to swim away from this wonderful Western “freedom” back toward the welcoming embrace of Mother Russia.

Okay, that’s all a little exaggerated—only one or two of these things would happen on the average transatlantic flight into the U.S. these days, not all of them at once—but it does contain much truth about life in the “Free World” today, as many actual Westerners quickly recognized. Below-the-line comments on YouTube are overwhelmingly of the “Nice short documentary” or “It’s not propaganda when it’s true” kind, and yet when it came to traditional Western-media reporting of the video, the write-ups were rather different. The Scottish Daily Express, which broke the story, spoke disingenuously of a “crazy Russian propaganda ad” in its headline, complaining of people being “baffled by its bizarre content.” I wasn’t baffled. Were you? …

Who’s he root for?

I have zero sympathy for Putin’s attempts to physically invade Ukraine. But then, I also have zero sympathy for the likes of USAID’s (or should that be USAIDS?) attempts to invade it morally, politically, spiritually, and sexually, either.

Is it too much to hope that Putin might lose one war in the region miserably and win the other in triumph?