Climate and Covid: The Long History

Climate and Covid: The Long History. By David Archibald. Some excerpts from a longish article connecting quite a few dots, now that the official version is increasingly revealed as a tissue of lies.

Socialism was eventually discredited by the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The World Economic Forum is promoting the adoption of communism without using the word communism. The poverty associated with communism has given it a bad name. Their motto ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ is simply the communist creed ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’ restated.

Like moths to a candle, the World Economic Forum attracts a lot of the heads of major companies by providing them with a belief system. After climbing to the top of their companies and dispatching a lot of rivals on the way, these CEOs unconsciously feel the lack of any reason for existence. Having become successful and climbed the ladder as far as they can go, their natural instinct is to tell the rest of humanity how to run their lives. Due to the lack of anything better to believe in, the World Economic Forum provides a structured belief system for these lost souls. The annual pilgrimage to Davos plays the same role as the Haj does for Muslims. …

Capturing the US presidency is a big deal and the Soviets were also active in that regard. By the early 1970s they had hatched a plan which involved getting an operative elected on a racial-healing trope. First they sent a West German teenager by the name of Rainer Baaker to Chicago from 1974 to 1978. His cover was as a community organiser. Chicago was the headquarters of the Communist Party of the USA, which had access to the vessel for their ambitions: Barack Obama.

Obama’s turn at community organizing in Chicago was from June 1985 to May 1988. Obama led a charmed life at a series of private schools and universities and didn’t have to lift a finger. He honed his speaking skills each Sunday giving the sermon at a racist church.



Obama was duly elected to do some racial healing but of course he did the complete opposite. His role was to degrade US society and reduce US economic performance, so it would less competition to countries run on socialist lines. Basically Obama was a torpedo fired by the Soviet Union against the US that stayed on target even after the ship that launched it sank.

Angela Merkel was another Soviet plant launched even as the ship was sinking. Her role was to weaken Germany economically and socially, so it would be less of a threat to Russia. Frau Merkel fulfilled the Morganthau Plan in effect. While portraying herself as a conservative, she took Germany leftward as fast as circumstances would allow. For example she used the Fukushima nuclear incident as an excuse to shut the German nuclear industry and make the country more beholden to Russia for energy supply. The German economy is now shrinking due to noncompetitive energy pricing. Mission accomplished, as one of the Bushes said. …

Global warming:

The Earth’s atmosphere had started warming in the 1930s due to solar activity being the highest it had been for 11,000 years. This warming was mistaken for the effect of carbon dioxide. That warming stopped in 2016 …

The bulk of the public still thinks that global warming is just another snake cult, to borrow a line from Conan the Barbarian. As harmless as being a Moonie or the like. But in essence it is a belief system that takes Man’s fall from grace and his expulsion from the Garden of Eden for despoiling it to a further conclusion — Man is inherently evil and should be killed off as much as possible. …


Covid was a big, transnational project, so the CIA must have become aware of it. According to Andrew Huff, a former employee of EcoHealth Alliance, the CIA approached Daszak in 2015 and formed a relationship with EcoHealth Alliance. This implies that the CIA knew that covid was intended to kill a large portion of the world’s population and was ok with that. They could have stopped it but chose not too. Society’s immune system, the secret services, has turned on their host. This is an unfortunate development.

You can safely assume that Bill Gates would prefer to see you dead even though he might not be aware of your existence at the personal level. That is one level of difficulty for us, given the resources at his disposal. But the CIA being in on the covid death project and not stopping it means that they also would prefer to see you dead. And that is another layer of difficulty for us in trying to stay alive and healthy, given the resources that the CIA can call on.

There may be a disaster in human fertility in train, which the public is not yet aware of. In the interim, the population and the economy will shrink due to long covid. Which will make it yet more difficult to make the transition to a nuclear power-based economy. The human project is in doubt.