Globalists Controlling the Conversation, Part 567

Globalists Controlling the Conversation, Part 567. By James Delingpole in Britain.

I almost never turned down an invitation to go on one of those political debate programmes — usually on the BBC, because that till recently was pretty much the only option — despite the fact that I invariably left feeling somewhat soiled and disheartened by the experience.

Sure I might score the occasional modest victory — some witty, damning one-liner with which I had supposedly owned the opposition and which people shared gleefully on social media. More often, though, I emerged from these screen or wireless encounters bruised, bloodied and pathetically grateful if I’d managed to scrape a bare draw. Rarely, if ever, did I manage a satisfying win. …

Invariably I’d find myself on a panel purporting to come from differing parts of the political spectrum — a Greenie; a Labourite; a Conservative; and a regional politician from SNP or Plaid Cymru, say — only to discover them all singing much from the same hymn sheet while I was on my own.

“But you’re supposed to be a Tory! Why aren’t you saying outspoken right-wing home truths like me?” I wanted to say to my Conservative MP co-panelist, every time — as he or she frequently did — they let the side down with yet more squishy, face-saving pabulum.

What I didn’t fully appreciate then, though I do now, is that I hadn’t really been invited on in order for my opinions to get a fair hearing. Rather, I was there to be exposed as the token lunatic whose function was to be publicly humiliated.

By making an example of me, and people like me, organisations like the BBC — essentially the propaganda arm of the Deep State — can send a signal to their audience as to which opinions are and aren’t acceptable.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s impossible, when you’ve your wits about you and there’s a fair wind behind you, to get across one or two good points with which many viewers and listeners at home (though probably not in the left-dominated studio audience) agree.

What I am saying is that you are forever on the back foot, with the odds stacked against you, because all the other panellists and the moderator are on the opposing team. …

Never mind left/right politics, which I think an irrelevant distraction, part of the deception. What I’m talking about here is the relentless war on the individual, tradition, liberty, the family, national identity, religious faith and so on by a globalist, collectivist agenda. Most of us, I believe, are in the former camp. But the viewpoints you see represented in the mainstream media are largely aligned with the latter. This gives a completely skewed impression of where the ‘centre ground’ actually lies.

Normal people with normal views are persuaded that their reasonable position is abnormal.

Amen. Joanne was invited on the ABC’s Q&A three times, but we were always pretty sure it was just a set up to discredit a climate skeptic in precisely the manner James outlines. So she refused three times. Eventually nearly all the non-narrative people have learned not to go on that show, though Q&A still find some naive hopefuls occasionally. Now Q&A is dying, its ratings tanking, because non-narrative people won’t come into their coliseum anymore. Q&A has become boring, a mild virtue-signaling contest between uniformly woke guests and compere.