Among The ‘White Slags’

Among The ‘White Slags’. By Rod Dreher.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is famously blunt, but even I was surprised in the meeting with him a couple of weeks ago when he said that the question western European governments have to answer is, “How can we live with a large, unassimilable Muslim minority?”, and that he sees his job as making sure Hungary never has to think about that question. …

It’s not that Muslims are bad people, heaven knows; it’s that for whatever reason or reasons, the actual lived experience (heh) of European countries is that Muslim populations, in general, are very difficult to integrate. Why that is can and should be discussed, but that it is cannot be denied. Well, actually it can be denied, and usually is, but can’t be denied by anyone with the courage to see what’s in front of their noses.

Example 1: Sweden (by David Jones)

Yet even those on the liberal Left now grudgingly agree that they are rooted in the country’s disastrously failed immigration policy …

Some 2 million immigrants (20 per cent of the entire population), now live in Sweden, often from the most troubled parts of Asia and Africa …

Though they were born here, many don’t feel remotely Swedish, yet have no allegiance to their parents’ homelands, either. Their alienation and discontentment smouldered for several years.

But in recent weeks it has erupted with a terrifying upsurge in ultra-violent gang crime and, with its hand-wringing justice system, which many feel prioritises young offender’s rights over those of their victims, Sweden evidently has no fix. …

Coming soon to Sweden’s cinemas (after special screenings for police chiefs, politicians and criminologists) is Bullets, a docu-drama about a 12-year-old Egyptian boy who lobs a grenade at a police car after being lured into a gang. …

Since Christmas, the spree has reached epidemic proportions in the capital, with 30 shootings and bombings, four of them fatal. Half the suspects are aged under 18.

Cosmic justice, as the liberal dream crashed and burned (Dreher again):

This is one cost of the unwillingness of the Swedes to understand that culture matters.

Their liberal pieties have cost them plenty. Now they will never be rid of these malefactors. Never. The Swedes did it to themselves.

Example 2: Britain’s grooming gangs (by Ed West):

Repeatedly the authorities knew what was happening, were passed the details of the abusers and evidence, gave reassurances that something would be done and then… nothing.

Sent by the Home Office to study child prostitution, [solicitor Adele Weir] found an abuse ring centred around a man called Arshid Hussain, discovering 270 victims with no fewer than 18 naming Arshid as their supposed ‘boyfriend’. The police failed to act — even though the rapists involved were also dealing drugs. …

It gets more and more bleak. A girl called Emily in Telford tells how she was raped a thousand times.

In this midlands new town built in the optimistic post-war era, children were sold for sex in a house, where local men would visit and note their names on a piece of paper; what the documentary makers describe as a ‘paedophile honesty box’.

The girls were frightened because of what happened to Lucy Lowe, a 15-year-old girl who had been burned to death with her mother, sister, and unborn child — murdered by an abuser.

In Telford a group of teachers complained that ‘there was a problem in this authority with Pakistani youths’ abusing girls; a council worker accused them of being racist. One council worker failed to share reports because it was fearful it would ‘start a race riot’.

Blair’s imports were Islamic, and Islam condones poor treatment of non-Muslims — but you’re not allowed to say it. Ben Sixsmith:

“They made a judgement that these children did not matter.” That is the conclusion of former Detective Constable Margaret Oliver …

It was not just rape or even child rape (crimes which are depressingly timeless and universal). It was large-scale organised collective child rape, occurring across the UK, in Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, Oxford and other towns and cities. …

Most if not all the criminals in many of the gangs had Pakistani heritage. A survivor Peters interviews remembers her abusers calling her and fellow victims “white slags” — not a unique experience — which reflects an ugly, open seam of racial contempt. …

Heavily related was a pathological aversion to accountability — one that has survived to 2023. No one who ignored or enabled the problem has faced serious consequences.

Dreher again:

Britain’s mainstream media and cultural organizations decided that sacrificing the lives of these girls — white working class girls — was a price worth paying to avoid facing facts that might lead to “Islamophobia,” a term that seems to mean, to the Great and the Good, drawing any negative conclusion whatsoever about a Muslim person, whatever he or she believes or does.

It’s the same way that progressives have decided that compromising the safety of women in locker rooms and women’s prisons is a price worth paying to allow transgendered males who present as female to live out their delusion.

Example 3: Catholic sex abuse scandal:

For all the good that the US media did in exposing the Catholic sex abuse scandal, it deliberately closed its eyes to one key aspect: the role of a secretive homosexual subculture in the American clergy. …

Many gay men who had risen to positions of power within seminaries and within the clergy network used their power to exploit and control other gay men.

If a young gay man enters seminary (this was twenty years ago) with the full intention of being celibate, he will face an unrelenting barrage of sexual harassment by other gays in the clergy, attempting to seduce him. If he falls even once, this will become known by the network, and they will use it to blackmail him into silence in the future, should he become aware of abuse by others in the network. This, Sipe told me, is why some gay priests who had nothing at all to do with sexually abusing minors, but who knew about it, remained silent: the blackmailers were in charge. …

I was asked to brief a Fox freelance correspondent brought in to cover the story, but who was new to it. When I laid it all out for her — who the players were, what the issues were — I finally got the the gay networks part. She cut me off, and said that she was under orders from headquarters in New York to ignore that part of the story. I was shocked. I told her that you couldn’t understand the whole story if you didn’t look into the role of gay clerical networks. Maybe so, she said, but orders came “from the top” to ignore it.


It is impossible to have an honest, searching public dialogue about anything to do with race or sexual identity.

We live by lies all the time. The fear that somebody, somewhere might arrive at a Wrong Thought about a sacred minority is enough to cause those in cultural and institutional power to shut down all inquiry and discussion, and to make sure that those who would raise questions understand that by so doing, they are putting their careers and reputations on the line.

hat-tip Stephen Neil