Republicans in House Committee Excoriate ex-Twitter Execs for Covid Censorship

Republicans in House Committee Excoriate ex-Twitter Execs for Covid Censorship. By David Strom.

Republicans raked former Twitter executives over the coals yesterday. It was so damaging that I almost felt sorry for them until I remembered how corrupt and damaging their actions were. They distorted the information flow during the presidential campaign, doing far more damage than the Russians ever could.

And worse, they spread more misinformation about COVID than any million Americans. They distorted, along with Facebook the entire conversation about COVID and distorted the policymaking process by suppressing any critical discussion of government policies. They spread misinformation faster than the virus.

And they took it on the chin yesterday. Rightly so. …

Social media executives collaborated with public health officials and government COVID fascists to suppress any dissent. And not just legitimate dissent from private citizens who are supposed to have a say in how the government responds to crises, but well-respected scientists who were critical of the statements and policies promoted by government officials. …

Their tactics were Soviet, as were Facebook’s, Google’s, and the MSM. …

These are Left-wing activists, not managers of a speech platform.

The Democrats were in full defense mode for the Twitter executives, claiming that the only thing they did wrong was not censoring enough. Because of course they did. They benefited from the censorship.

Like Seymour Hersch’s expose of how Biden and co. blew up Nord Stream and lied about it, the media will make no mention of this.