New papers show why vaccines eventually make people more likely to catch covid and be harmed by it

New papers show why vaccines eventually make people more likely to catch covid and be harmed by it. By David Archibald.

The NSW Government used to provide statistics on covid hospitalisation by vaccination status, but discontinued that at the end of 2022 when it became blindingly obvious that the four-dose enthusiasts were over-represented in hospital admissions and deaths.

Vaccination is not supposed to increase the death rate for a disease. A German paper from late last year now tells us why the covid vaccines are different. Briefly, there are four type of Immunoglobulin G, which together represent 75% of the serum antibodies in humans. IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 normally constitute 99.96% of the Immunoglobulin G in circulation. IgG4 is normally the balance of 0.04%.

What the German study found was that vaccination caused the proportion of IgG4 to rise after the second dose and again after the third dose, to near 40% in some individuals after the third dose.

Why is this a bad thing? Because the role of IgG4 is to stop the immune system from overreacting to allergens like pollen. With covid, this means that the IgG4 antibodies bind to the covid virions and stop the rest of the immune system from attacking them. Which in turn means a higher covid infection rate and a higher death rate. Post the third dose, those with higher IgG4 levels were more likely to be infected with covid.


IgG4 levels by vaccination status (FU = follow up, months after the vaccination)


IgG4 levels don’t immediately respond to vaccination; there is a lag of some months after the second dose. For those with a covid infection after their third dose (shown by the circles with the grey fill), IgG4 levels rose again to up to 80% of total anti-spike antibodies.

Seemingly this is a positive feedback loop until the individual can’t cope with another covid infection. According to this paper from 2021, the serum IgG4 level is predictive of covid mortality. …

Also, the heart damage is due to the vaccines themselves, not covid:

An Israeli study found no increased incidence of myocarditis or pericarditis in unvaccinated patients recovering from covid.

This suggests that all the heart attacks in teenagers, 20 and 30 year olds etc. are caused by covid vaccination.

It’s happening as warned by Robert Malone (one of the inventors of mRNA) and others before the vaccination programs were rolled out.

Who is culpable? I think we all know.