Is Donald Trump Worth The Fight?

Is Donald Trump Worth The Fight? By Vince Coyner.

Donald Trump was a great, if imperfect, president. By the third year of his presidency, the country was flourishing. The economy was roaring, jobs were up, incomes were up, gas prices were down, and America and Americans were doing fairly well.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the election. The swamp struck back via Covid and the George Floyd protests. Neither of those was of Trump’s making, but Democrats used both to steal the election. The Democrats didn’t create Covid or put Floyd in the morgue, but they used the lockdowns and the riots to sufficiently upend American life so that they could steal the election under the cover of chaos.

Those were tests, and Donald Trump failed. With Covid, he allowed the country to be misled by a snake oil salesman and, with the Floyd protests, he didn’t send in the troops. It’s easy to understand, of course, why he failed. …

That Donald Trump failed at leading the country through those two disasters is, sadly, understandable. Given the savagery and breadth of the relentless attacks on him, it would have taken someone just short of Zeus to have succeeded. The result of that failure was that Democrats stole the election, and Trump lost the White House. …


Fast forward two years. In November, Trump announced he was running, and he said many of the right things …

Has Trump learned the hard lesson… that the swamp is the Terminator, it will not stop, it cannot be negotiated with, the swamp knows no parties or limits, and it must be crushed? Otherwise, it will kill him, kill his supporters and kill the Republic of the United States.

Recent events seem to suggest that he has not learned. …

Despite six years of failure, Trump supported the grifter Ronna McDaniel to lead the Republican Party over the incomparable super lawyer and MAGA candidate Harmeet Dhillon. If there was ever anyone in the Republican Party who should’ve been ousted and replaced by a dyed-in-the-wool grassroots MAGA candidate, it was McDaniel.


Uniparty midwit at the helm of the Republican Party


McDaniel was recently revealed to have spent over $2 million from the RNC treasury on luxury travel and private jets, $300,000 on flowers, $75,000 on “beauty and spa treatments,” and $1,280 on LBGTQ+ filings! She did all of this while undermining MAGA candidates in the midterms.

McDaniel is the antithesis of the grassroots MAGA voter. She is the polar opposite of the farmers, plumbers, police, truckers, and steel workers who put Trump into office in the first place and the ones who recognized the coup. They’re the 50,000 people who filled stadiums and were in the trenches with him. But McDaniel and the establishment loathe them.

If Trump circa 2024 hasn’t figured out that success lies with the grassroots MAGA voters who put him in the White House rather than with the establishment grifters who lead the party today — with his help — then I’m not sure what the motivation is to support him is. …

This election may well be the last opportunity for Americans to rescue the nation from a Democrat party that has turned our cities into dystopian wastelands, turned 40% of American children into gender-confused lab rats, and seeks to balkanize the nation based on race, sex and anything else the swamp’s denizens can think of.

The swamp’s goal is power, and it knows no party. McDaniel & Co. is its GOP arm, and if Trump doesn’t recognize that, then the baggage that comes with supporting him isn’t worth the fight because, with those charlatans leading the way, come January 20, 2025, there will be another Democrat being sworn in.

Glenn Reynolds:

An InstaPundit commenter says “Trump feels like the modern day Tom Brady or Madonna. Their time has passed and they’re the last to know.”

Harsh, but fair. I’d vote for Trump if he were the nominee, and I wish he’d won in 2020, but he seems to have lost a step.

[Trump’s] attacks on DeSantis are a big mistake for Trump. They’re not connecting, and they make him look small and out of touch.