The health bureaucracy’s managed retreat on vaccines is underway

The health bureaucracy’s managed retreat on vaccines is underway. By Jim Hoft.

Popular Australian television presenter and journalist for the Nine Network, Karl Stefanovic, has shocked his viewers after he publicly criticized the latest recommendations for a fifth booster shot of the Covid vaccine on live TV. …

During Wednesday’s episode of Nine Network’s breakfast program Today, fully vaccinated Stefanovic said that the shot could lead to “heart issues.”

“As you know, I’m not a glowing ambassador for more than two shots. I’ve just decided that I’ve had covid a couple of times, and I’m done with the vaccines,” Stefanovic said.

As Coatsworth — joint Deputy Chief Medical Officer in Australia from Jan 2021 and frequent face of the health bureaucracy on Australian TV —  points out, ATAGI said that adults are “eligible” for a fifth vax, not that it is “recommended.” Hmmm.

And ATAGI says no boosters for boys under 18. (The UK has banned the fifth vax for anyone under 50.)

Coatsworth also notes that a fifth dose will “enhance” your protection against severe disease for 8 – 12 weeks — and then “it returns to what it was after the fourth dose.” “Very transient protection” and “eventually we’re going to have to stop…” says Coatsworth. Hmmm. So you need five boosters every year … for how long?

No, Stefanovic & Coatsworth are not off-script. This looks stage managed. They are trying to manage the news that vaccines are harmful.

Stefanovic leads off with how he’s read on the Internet about “fit and healthy people just dropping down with heart issues”. Then the downplaying begins: it’s “obviously not established yet.” Just dismiss all the evidence the health bureaucracy doesn’t like, just like that.

Coatsworth says “I don’t think there are hundreds and thousands of sudden cardiac deaths that are being swept under the carpet” and “there are not tens of thousands of people who are suffering complications that we don’t know about. This is a safe vaccine. There are complications but we know what they are.” Coatsworth didn’t know or didn’t tell us about the heart issues a year ago, but now he know all the issues? Sure.

Joanne Nova:

This is their way of preempting the shock of seeing the died-suddenly videos. It prepares people to know those videos are out there, but no one on the camera is getting too excited. See how calm Karl and Nick are? All those deaths? No biggie… Karl is not saying, OMG can you believe these images of people just falling down dead?!!

Imagine the shock instead of seeing those videos “out of the blue” — and thinking look what the government is covering up?

Instead, it’s really OK that lots of people died because the government know about it and are honest and calm. We just discuss that sort of thing all the time over dinner like it’s nothing.

Yet excess deaths in Australia are running at 16%, only half of which are due to covid. We don’t talk about that on TV — yet. They will have to eventually, because too many people know someone who suddenly died or got sick after the vax. To say nothing of the cancers and so on that arose only because of the damage the vaccine and covid do to immune systems.

The health bureaucracy made some bad mistakes, and not talking about them doesn’t make them go away. The mandatory nature of vaccines was immoral and foolish.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific