Hunter Biden: More Depraved Than You Knew

Hunter Biden: More Depraved Than You Knew. By John Hinderaker.

From a New York Post link, I learned about Marco Polo, a group that I don’t necessarily endorse — I don’t know enough about them — but that has devoted a lot of time to studying the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Its Biden material is here, and the link to Hunter’s laptop that I followed from the Post’s account is here. Naturally, I started with the “Sex-Related Crimes” link.

I don’t think I am easily shocked, but what I found there was astonishing. Hunter Biden’s daily preoccupations are (or were, until recently) crack cocaine and prostitutes. His most frequent communications were with crack dealers and pimps, lining up and paying for prostitutes. It goes on and on, day after day. Is there a drug dealer or a pimp on the East Coast, or in California, who is not on close personal terms with Hunter Biden?

The amount of money Hunter ran through was extraordinary. Where did he get it? Not through any legal and gainful employment, certainly. It is reasonable to assume that Hunter’s share of the Biden crime family’s loot went for crack and prostitutes. Follow the link for details: it went on day after day. Frankly, it is surprising that Hunter is still alive. …

I can’t begin to convey the extent of Hunter’s depravity, as documented by him in photos, videos, texts and emails. … The sheer volume is overwhelming. Pretty much everything Hunter did was both appalling and illegal. …

The last area of depravity I will mention is covered extensively on the Marco Polo site. Hunter had a torrid affair with his brother’s widow, Hallie. Hallie, perhaps knowing Hunter too well, refused to allow him to be alone with her 13-year-old daughter because Hunter’s behavior was “sexually inappropriate.” Imagine that! Hunter bitterly resented this, and complained to, among others, Joe Biden, hoping to get access to the 13-year-old. …

There is vastly more at the Marco Polo site. Dive in at your own risk. You will not feel clean when you emerge. …

Political implications:

The entire Biden family, as we see in the laptop documents as well as other sources, is corrupt to the core. Where do the countless thousands that Hunter blows on crack and prostitutes, along with a generally high-flying lifestyle, come from? He couldn’t make an honest living. So the money all had to be, at some level, payoffs. Bribes intended for Joe Biden. Classified information to which Joe was privy and which Hunter was glad to pass along. Promises of future influence with Joe.

What else could it possibly be? No sane person would entrust millions of dollars to the depraved and hopelessly crack-addicted Hunter Biden for any legitimate reason. But here is the real point: Hunter himself had nothing to sell. He was a nobody. Far from being a trusted member of the Executive Branch, he was a degenerate who wasn’t allowed in the same room with his own niece.

Hunter had one thing, and one thing only, to sell: influence with Joe. And “the Big Guy” obviously not just knew about Hunter’s hoovering up illicit cash, he profited from it. Which was, I take it, the whole point.

Maybe Hunter is disgusted at his circumstance and his family, and is acting out as a protest. Maybe it’s a subconscious cry for help. Or maybe not.

Miranda Devine: Hunter now admits the laptop was his. See this in the MSM?

For more than two years Joe Biden has maintained the fiction that the laptop his son Hunter abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware was a “Russian plant.”

Well, yesterday, Hunter finally admitted the laptop is his, only now he says his data was taken without his permission.