Pfizer’s Jordan Walker is Probably a Sign of the Times: An Incompetent Affirmative Action Hire

Pfizer’s Jordan Walker is Probably a Sign of the Times: An Incompetent Affirmative Action Hire. By Darren Beattie.

Project Veritas released what has already become by far its most-watched video ever: An undercover conversation with Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker. …

We initially thought the video must be false, because Walker seemed too lightweight and unimpressive. But no, it was real. Which brings us to the second scandal, in and of itself.

Who the heck is Jordon Walker and how did this blabbermouth idiot get a sweet job at Pfizer?

According to Project Veritas, and supported by screenshots found online, Walker works for Pfizer as Director of Research and Development Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning.

Critics of the Veritas scoop have zeroed in on the idea that Walker could not possibly hold a senior role with Pfizer, citing his relatively recent graduation and unremarkable research history.

This criticism is rooted in truth. After attending Yale undergrad, Walker graduated medical school from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, which ranks solidly but not in the top tier. He also only graduated in 2018. From 2019-2020, Walker spent a year in a urology resident program at Massachusetts General Hospital, itself an odd resume line item — the Massachusetts General Hospital urology residency, run in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, is five years long. Walker, it seems, may have left the program early.

Yet immediately, he pivoted to a desirable job at Boston Consulting Group, and then picked up a lovely-sounding title at Pfizer.

In truth, though, as amazing as the title sounds, it’s not exceptionally remarkable. Pfizer has a great many directors, and senior directors above them …

Jordon Walker, whatever else might be said about him, seems oddly unimpressive for his pileup of credentials.

But there is another straightforward explanation for all of the oddities in Walker’s biography: He is the proud product of America’s affirmative action industrial complex, which reliably rewards and elevates members of preferred races far above where they would be if they were white or Asian. …

Pfizer itself has proudly offered fellowships that literally don’t even allow white people to apply for them …

While Walker doesn’t seem to have received the fellowship in question, it’s not hard to imagine a company that offers it being desperate to hire the melanin-enabled whenever it can, even if ability is shaky.

And if Pfizer did that for Walker, it would just be the culmination of a career that has been given racially-motivated boosts every step of the way. …

Medical entry exam scores by race:

Medicine as a field is one of the areas where affirmative action is at its most dramatic, and most dangerous.

The MCAT is scored from 472 to 528. A 505 is only in the 61st percentile of MCAT scores, while 512 points is in the 83rd percentile. Asian matriculants, with scores averaging more than 514 points, are on average around the 88th percentile.

Just to get a seat in medical school, whites need to be 22 percentiles above blacks, and Asians have to be 27 percentiles better.

But soon, there may be no MCAT at all. …

There is a strong move currently on to scrap aptitude testing altogether, because of persistent disparate outcomes.

That’s the beginning and the end of it: Measuring ability is an obstacle to diversity, so measuring ability must go. …

In a more sane world, it would be so obvious it wouldn’t have to be said: People who score better on the MCAT do better in medical school, score better on later exams, and ultimately make better doctors. As such, if we want better medical professionals, we should elevate those with better MCAT scores.

But America does the opposite, because as a nation we have decided that competency in the practice of medicine — the preservation and extension of human lives — is a feeble matter compared to the Great Cause of diversity.

Hence Jordan Walker — in his highly responsible job at Pfizer.

It’s all a situation that is perfectly engineered to produce people like Jordon Walker. Use racial preferences to get into Yale, use racial preferences to get into med school, and then (as America’s “racial reckoning obsession is hitting its absolute peak) use racial preferences to land a rapid sequence of elite jobs that he’s not actually very good at doing. …

The American affirmative action cult has always been about favoring less able people over more able ones, purely based on skin color or other superficial identity traits. There has been a vague sense that for things that “really matter,” pure competency will reign supreme. Yet that is a lie too — or, alternatively, the management of America’s medical system shows that the lives and health of the American masses do not matter.

The rubber is hitting the road.