Bill Gates — After Reaping Huge Profits Selling BioNTech Shares — Trashes Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines

Bill Gates — After Reaping Huge Profits Selling BioNTech Shares — Trashes Effectiveness of COVID Vaccines. By Michael Nevradakis.

Bill Gates the Prophet:

At a TED conference in 2015, vaccine votary Bill Gates warned that the world wasn’t ready for the next epidemic, saying, “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.” When COVID-19 hit the scene in December 2019, a large portion of the global population, filled with regret for ignoring the prediction made by this supposed prophet, glorified Gates. …

In October 2019, Gates co-sponsored Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise which involved conducting a simulation which “predicted” a global coronavirus pandemic…


Speaking at Australia’s Lowy Institute as part of a talk entitled “Preparing for Global Challenges: In Conversation with Bill Gates,” the Microsoft founder made the following admission:

“We also need to fix the three problems of [COVID-19] vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection-blocking. They’re not broad, so when new variants come up you lose protection, and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter, which are old people.” …

They were the latest in a string of developments in recent weeks that have increasingly called the COVID-19 vaccines, in particular, into question. …

The profit:

[The Hill TV’s “Rising” co-host Briahna Joy Gray]: “He invested $55 million in BioNTech back in 2019 and it’s now worth north of $550 million. He sold some stock … at the end of last year, I believe it was, with the share price over $300, which represented a huge gain for him over when he invested.”

The about-face:

[Co-host Robby Soave]: “We have to be more transparent about the fact that people who are having input in what the government policy is going to be … shouldn’t it be known at least when there are hundreds of millions of dollars of financial interests at stake for the people advising this? And their tune changes as it follows the money!”

Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel …:

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who served as one of the architects of Covid hysteria and had more of an impact than any other individual on the disastrous global pandemic policies, has finally acknowledged that the mRNA shots he’s been promoting for two years are nothing more than expired pharma junk.

“Translation: Gates admits that the shots are impossible to align with rapidly developing variants, they expire in lighting speed, and they don’t stop transmission. And they don’t work for the only at-risk portion of the population.”

Schachtel called this “an incredible reversal from the man who once advertised the shots as the cure to the coronavirus,” drawing upon Gates’ previous statement: “everyone who takes the vaccine is not just protecting themselves but reducing their transmission to other people and allowing society to get back to normal.”

In 2021, Gates described the mRNA vaccines as “magic,” saying they would be a “game changer” in the next five years.

Now he’s warning of the next act of biowarfare (does he have some inside information?):

Gates warns about ‘next pandemic,’ praises lockdowns, calls for more pandemic simulations …

And the article doesn’t even mention the vax-deaths and harms.

hat-tip Stephen Neil