Failing South African Electricity Sector Plans to Get Rid of Another 500 White Male Maintenance Staff

Failing South African Electricity Sector Plans to Get Rid of Another 500 White Male Maintenance Staff. By Dirk Hermann, Chief Executive of Solidarity, a South African trade union whose membership is mainly, but not exclusively, Afrikaners.

While the country is reeling from loadshedding, Eskom wants to get rid of another 500 white males by 2025, mainly people who are responsible for maintenance work. …

6 – 8 hours a day with no electricity, throughout the country

Pushing back … and being ignored:

In a letter issued by Solidarity’s legal team addressed to Eskom, Solidarity asks for a moratorium on race-based appointments at Eskom as a measure to help address the power crisis.

In the letter Solidarity points out that there is an urgent need in South Africa for the deployment of best skills in jobs regardless of race. There are competent black and white artisans at Eskom and in the general population, and those are the people Eskom should recruit, based on their ability to help solve the power crisis and without looking at the colour of their skin.

Eskom has just announced a huge tariff increase but instead of addressing its skills problem, it is only paying attention to race targets, according to Solidarity. …

What caused the South African power grid to fail?

Solidarity also points out that Eskom has a long history of an aggressive race policy. Between 1994 and 2002 at least 10,207 white people left Eskom. From about 2000, Eskom has paid R1.8 billion [US$100 million] … for packages to get rid of white people. This rapid loss of skills led to a huge loss of expertise and institutional knowledge.

Post-apartheid Africa is a glimpse into the possible future for the west, for obvious reasons. It’s only taken 30 years, since 1993.

The assumption that the ideological nonsense and anti-white discrimination would stop when the lights went out is proving wrong. Imagine if the whole world goes like this.

hat-tip Stephen Neil