How Democrats Stole Pennsylvania in 2020

How Democrats Stole Pennsylvania in 2020. By Emerald Robinson.

[A new book] tells the story of corruption within the Democratic Party, as well as the cowardice throughout the Republican Party as fat and happy politicians from both parties desperately worked to protect the status quo. Bobb also tells the story of a handful of brave patriots who tried, and continue trying, to find out just what happened in 2020. …

Despite Congress’s failure to act, Pennsylvania could well go down as the worst case of election theft in our country’s history. When election officials halted the count on election night, President Trump was ahead by 700,000 votes. But three days later, they declared that Joe Biden had won. President Trump was winning by the greatest margin on election night, that I believe Democrats were convinced they couldn’t catch him. So, Democrats stopped the counting, blocked Republicans from even entering the building, and then somehow counted an alleged 1.4 additional million ballots without oversight. That gave the race to Biden . . . three days later on November 7. …

So, where did the votes come from? …

Since the election, an independent analysis and canvass of the voter roll by Audit the Vote PA has revealed several concerns in multiple counties….

In Allegheny County, a Democrat stronghold and home to Pittsburgh, Audit the Vote PA knocked on five hundred doors and collected 185 responses. They made the following findings:

• 78.6 percent of houses had some election anomaly, meaning the residents’ understanding of who voted from their addresses did not match official records.

• 69.7 percent of houses had some registration-count discrepancy, meaning the official record of registered voters at the residence did not match the residents’ knowledge.

• 64.8 percent had phantom registrations associated with their address, meaning the residents were unaware of additional voters being registered at their home.

• 4.8 percent had fewer registered voters on record than the resident stated.

• 42.5 percent of addresses had a different number of votes on record for 2020 than residents stated.

• 29.2 percent had phantom votes.

• 13.2 percent had missing votes. …

How could there be such a high rate of error? … Audit the Vote PA has canvassed multiple counties in Pennsylvania and made similar findings in multiple counties.

These findings show a shocking disregard for accuracy in our most important democratic process, our elections. While a very small fraction of error is expected, a 37 percent anomaly rate is entirely too high. 52 percent is mind-boggling. We’ll always have some margin of error, but it should be very low. In order to have confidence in the process, voters must know that their elections are conducted fairly and that the people are actually electing their leaders.

The Biden regime and its allies never tried to convince us that the 2020 election was fair. They could have held fair inquiries, investigated complaints, explained why the massive changes in vote counts occurred overnight in the swing states, and so on. Instead, they censored criticism and called anyone who questioned the result nasty names. They acted guilty.