Alice Springs: Horrors in my home town inevitable

Alice Springs: Horrors in my home town inevitable. By Jacinta Nampijinpa Price.

In June I predicted the continued deterioration of my home town and Territory following the lifting of the alcohol bans and abolishment of the cashless debit card. I stated that blood would be on the hands of Labor – and it is.


There are many who continue to deny and downplay the state of crisis we are in. When Linday Burney tells us this would not be happening if a constitutionally enshrined voice had been established, you cannot help but feel gaslit and infuriated.

Reality is racist, so we can’t be seen to be part of it:

NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker seems unable to admit the NT police are not coping, effectively denying the need for federal support from the AFP or the ADF. Instead, he responds to calls from our Mayor, Matt Paterson, by suggesting it wouldn’t be a good look if the ADF were to be seen locking up people — and those predominantly being Aboriginal people. This language only serves to reignite imagery of colonisation and the stigmatisation of the Intervention, and is a distraction from reality. Territorians are not stupid, and know the AFP or the ADF would be here in support of the locals who are terrified to live in the community they love. …

In August the NT Police Union revealed the severely low morale of Territory police and the loss of confidence in our Police Commissioner. My private conversations with individual police show many feel helpless to work effectively. They feel they are at risk of being thrown under the bus by superiors when things go wrong. It is no wonder the public now lacks confidence that they can be protected by those whose job it is to protect. …

The left cannot deal with it, so they hush it up:

Our local baker — and administrator of Facebook page Action for Alice — Darren Clarke, who regularly reports horrific incidents as they take place in our home town, has publicly stated he had been “intimidated” by the police top brass for reporting what the police media had not yet reported. Clarke feels the police media unit often downplays the serious nature of some crimes and fails to report some to the public altogether. This view is often captured by the NT Independent, whose recent article outlined the downplayed language of a police media report of a brutal crime. It stated: “An Alice Springs man charged with attempted murder for what NT police said was an attack on his partner with an ‘edged weapon’, allegedly almost severed the woman’s head.” When the victim presented to the hospital her vertebrae was visible; this was not simply a stabbing.


Three things I know absolutely do not work to create change: denial, ideological approaches and racial division. Our town consists of people of many backgrounds.

We are one of the world’s most tolerant communities because we want what’s best for everyone and don’t buy into the racial division of woke politics that poisons our nation. We do, however, suffer as a result of our governments, who seem hellbent on applying divisive politics instead of heeding the truth and acting to apply practical colourblind measures to fix the problems.

The kneejerk suggested alcohol restrictions will do nothing. Addicts will find their fix and homes will continue to be broken into. Instead, the Stronger Futures Legislation needs to be reinstated. …

The stolen generation lies told by the left came with a price tag — now being paid by some of today’s aboriginal kids:

Because of Stolen Generations policy recommendations and the accompanying applied stigmatisation of the removal of Aboriginal children as being “racist”. we now have a situation in which children are left in dysfunction and abuse. We now have a neglected, abused and retraumatised generation and they’re on display every night on our streets — if not breaking into the homes of locals.

I believe we need to allow for Aboriginal children to be adopted or at the very least given permanent care status for those children whose lives have been drastically improved by being cared for in loving Australian families. It is racist that policy makers have lowered the standard of care for Aboriginal children because of stigmatisation from the Stolen Generation.

What a stuff up. Two different races with different characteristics living together, but the same rules must apply to everyone. Meanwhile, the place is run by a left-leaning bureaucracy that pretends for ideological reasons that all races are statistically identical, so disparate outcomes are a sure sign of evil by their political opponents. That same bureaucracy simultaneously believes that treating people differently by race (the intervention) is wrong because it is racist, yet is promoting a referendum to give some people different legal rights on the basis of their race (the Voice)! Only midwits or ideologues could get themselves into such a mess.

Ms Price is a breathe of fresh air.

hat-tip Stephen Neil