Covid: Matters of the Heart and the Lymphocytes

Covid: Matters of the Heart and the Lymphocytes. By David Archibald.

What did Ralph Baric spend the 1990s doing? His 1990s were spent fruitfully studying how to use a coronavirus to cause myocarditis in rabbits. You will notice a consistent theme in the titles of these papers he co-authored in that period:

  • 1992: An experimental model for myocarditis and congestive heart failure after rabbit coronavirus infection
  • 1992: An experimental model for dilated cardiomyopathy after rabbit coronavirus infection
  • 1993: Electrocardiographic changes following rabbit coronavirus-induced myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy
  • 1995: Echocardiographic changes following rabbit coronavirus infection
  • 1999: ECG changes after rabbit coronavirus infection

Any exposure to the spike protein, from either the vaccine or the virus, will cause myocarditis. The mRNA vaccines are producing spike protein with a functioning furin cleavage site, so that it will produce two sections each more inflammatory than the parent structure. So Baric’s 1990s weren’t a wasted decade. Plenty of people have died of heart failure as a result.

Airborne HIV? Cannot rule it out, and there are signs:

But the main payload of the bioweapon wasn’t heart failure. It was the four segments from the HIV virus. The designers of this bioweapon wanted a highly infectious, airborne virus that didn’t affect the victim too badly at first, but which made sure they were dead within 10 years. This is indicated by results like this:



What you see above is the results of a blood test for lymphocytes before and after a covid infection. The first blood test was in March 2019, the covid infection was in March 2020, and the second blood test was nine months later in December 2020.

Her lymphocytes have taken a big whack. Lymphocytes are what stop us from getting infected by bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancers. Do they ever recover? Not in HIV, which is what this disease is based on.

This is because the virions hide in immunoprivileged tissue, such as the brain, and from there bombard the immune system with a persistent, low-grade inflammation that wears it out.

If you have a CD4 level still above 400 then your kidneys may be able to handle the antiviral drugs necessary to prolong life.

The covid story may not be over yet.